gemini guy and pisces girl

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    Hey guys, i’ll try and make this as quick as possible!

    So i’m a gemini guy and i’ve lately been getting pretty interested in this pisces girl (who hasn’t). We’ve only known each other for like a year and a half, it’s only really recently (about the last 3-4 months) we’re our friendship has really taken off.

    At first she was really apprehensive about me and never really used to chat, initiate contact or anything like that. Which, as a typical Gemini left me to go and find different avenues and different things to excite my mind. She is friends with all my friends as I pretty much got initiated into her group of ‘guy friends’.

    So for a good year there wasn’t really anything happening, it would just be little chit-chat, more-so from my side just so I didn’t seem like a complete goose or anything, things got a little better last summer (like 6 months ago) to the point where she would actually start joking around and she definitely loosened up around me.

    But, things went quiet until about 3-4 months ago, since than things I must admit have been fantastic between us! especially in the last month. Now-a-days, she is talking, she is starting the conversation, i’ve been making her laugh and she’s been making me laugh (it’s really nice to see her actually joke around) and we’ve just been getting along really really well. She’s always around now, been having like friendly joking competitions with me and even wanted me to cook for her (not sure if it was just a joke or not though :P)

    But the main thing I guess I wanna ask is if this is just pisces being pisces, or if she is maybe showing some interest. Obviously, she is the social butterfly and talks to lots and lots and lots of people and i’m not too sure if that’s just whats happening here, if it is just here way of being friendly than I can totally accept that, but after reading astrology and different things I don’t want to misinterpret signs, if they are signs at all…

    PLEASE. no negative comments or comments saying I shouldn’t base everything on astrology/horoscopes. I realise this, I just want to know if any other people have been in this situation or have any GOOD/POSITIVE thoughts!

    Ask Oracle

    Clearly, you don’t see her just as a good friend, the mind is imposing romantic desires. But the truth is that at this age you’ll likely obtain nothing extra special out of a romantic relationship.

    Obviously she knows you have romantic interests in her. But at this time she sees you just as a good friend and there is nothing wrong with that. Its a good thing.

    I would suggest that you pay more attention to other important things in life like health, career and education. Learn more about Love and Life and the end result will be worth it!! 🙂

    All the best

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