Cap sun,Acs nd Moon signs

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    Hey,I just wanted to know to wat extent our ascendent nd moon sign affect our Sun sign characteristic.M a Cappy but M anything but d usual Organised,reserved,strong nd silent kind of Capricorn!!!!!!!My Asc is Gemini nd Moon is in Sag.So various Cappy mixes please,tell me wat yr characters are like………. :/


    Am Capricorn with Pisces rising and Scorpio Moon, and they affects me very much: While being a Cap I dream a lot (not thinking) due to Pisces.
    I use to say first I dream the I do and finally I feel – that’s my Scorpio moon.
    When you meet me, you may find me cool, open mind and funny (Pisces) but after that you will find the hard, the worker, the you must do as I say (Capricorn).
    If you somehow cheat on me, my thoughs goes to try to hurt you badly (Scorpio) only mentally because Capricorn won’t let me hurts you in the real world.

    I think this describes me 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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