are geminis calculative?

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    hi..i am a capricorn and sometime think that gemini girls are very calculative and smart. i have noticed a few times when they say lies (which i can easily pick up). my perception is that they are over confident and think that they can spin any kind of story and people will belive them.

    please advise as to whether my perception is correct or am i over analysing the situation?


    Well my friend ..we geminies are natural  speakers wich means that we will use our words as tool to get something or say. we love comunication and humor to. our knowledge is all  around.  Relax berofe meeting with you gemin woman. ease your tension, listen to her, talk to her,look into her eyes unles she is shy but humor cures this shy face …and trust me we geminies are very smart sometimes is quite a chalenge keep us interested in one thing. maybe we geminies can understand each ather and have our ways couse we kwon our sign…my advice is to study  gemini sign and compare it with her…

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    my dear capricorn u aren’t exactly overanalizing ..we are indeed very smart, but this is a social/emotional inteligence that guids us to pass our message in a dedicated way to the listener … and is true that seeing the same message spread to different persons in different ways may seem as trying to spin things our way .. but if u’d just look well enough u’ll understand it’s just a matter of maximising the impact of the message that’s all (and we are very good at that) …to explain things in the interlocutors own language 

    on the other hand, if u’ll feel temped to just proove your gf that she will not get away with it, no matter what is she saying, u’ll get yourself a beautiful power game, that will end up badly, been there, done that 😉 

    …what i’m trying to say is to analize not the way the message is spread but the message itself …if it’s correct then agree with it if not then defend your point …we always love someone who can give us a logical/smart feedback 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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