What are the likes and dislikes of Gemini?

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    … and also how to impress them?

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    how do i impress them

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    just be yourself and you are just done…………..


    they are normal people and have normal likes and dislikes

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    I am a Gemini female and I love people who share the same interests as me. I do not tolerate being bored well. I like light hearted people. People who like having a good time. I do not like people who are serious all the time and who like to nit pick and argue. I do not like people who are possessive of me. Friends and lover alike. I could go on forever. Hope this helps a little.

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    This is the only site that has labeled me as a taurus. I was born on May 21 (a cusp) and have all of the traits of a Gemini. However I do tend to go after Taurus guys- don’t even notice it until after I start liking them.

    I’m impressed by intellience above all. Any guy that can’t hold an intelligent conversation or debate with me is out. Even my friends have to be smart. My favorite word has been “pensive” since I was seven years old.

    I hate being controlled. I hate rules, regulations, and everything that the word CONVENTIONAL stands for. I adore independence and unconventional attitudes- which makes my friends extremely diverse.

    I wish to find someone that has the same interests as me. When I do I become elated. My friend says my eyes sparkle when I get excited. I am very excitable and love to laugh. I love fun in general.

    I hate being bored and I will find a way to have fun on my own if I’m not having it with you.

    I’m very changeable and sometimes I dont know what I want but I boldly make a choice anyway. I love feeling free.

    People tend to follow my lead. I always find myself in a crowd of people with half of them calling my name. I love the feeling of being wanted and knowing I can talk to all of them. I hop from conversation to conversation, smiling and making others smile.

    I get mad very easily, because I don’t like dealing with idiots and there are so many in this world. I blow up. I tell people off with MORE than a few choice words. I actually like arguing because I love winning and getting my point across.

    I DETEST DISHONEST PEOPLE. I pride myself in not telling lies and being true to myself.

    Annnnddddd…. I guess this is sufficient.


    I appreciate individuals who understand and study a wide variety of topics. I do not and cannot tolerate being bored. I like people who enjoy communicating and make the conversation interesting. If the conversation does not interest me you will have lost me and will find a way to “ditch” or make my way out the door. 

    You will often find Gemini’s doing word games. It stimulates our Mercurial minds. We often enjoy stydying a wide variety of subjects and often all at once.

     Alot of Gemini’s are up to the latest fads and style is pretty important to us as well as our appearance thus we do appreciate our friends and lovers to keep up with their appearances as well. It’s not that we don’t like people who are tatty or don’t care about their appearance, but as a Gemini appearances is absolutely everything. It shows you have respect enough for yourself to look good and you took the time and effort to make yourself look your very best.

    Most Gemini’s like to give themselves to humanitarian causes. Most Gems have charity or cause of their choice.

    We are very inquisitive. I can find the most interesting things entertaining especially if I’m bored. Like for example: watching cars drive by and see people doing silly things in their cars that makes me laugh. Laughing at peoples facial expressions is another one. Sounds kinda looney? Thatsa Gem for ya!


    I’m a female Gemini.

    I don’t like people being fake with me or dishonest. My intuition easily picks up on it and it just makes me wonder why they’re lying.

    I hate arrogance cocky men, and absolutely do not get along well with women who are concited and belittle others.

    I don’t like people who take everything (including themselves) too seriously and don’t have a sense of humor!! Stop being so sensitive!! It’s sarcasm!!

    I don’t like people who are stubborn in their own ideas so much so that they are incapable of seeing or even taking another’s persons opinions into consideration for a possible compromise.

    I don’t like overly possessive people. It’s cute at first because I see it as them showing they care, but it’s overwhelming if it continues and it only causes emotional suffocation.

    I don’t like men who are quiet when having sex. OMG, moan, groan, anything!!! Just remind me I’m having sex with a live human being!!

    I don’t like double standards. If you don’t think it’s ok for a man in thong to rub his junk on me, why would you think I would be ok with a girl doing the same to you?

    I don’t like energetic crazy pumped up 24/7 people all the time! I need a break to relax and unwind too and do nothing for a few too!





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    OMG, I think that girls was my twin! In truth one of the things I hate about being a Gemini is…it’s hard for us to let go of things. Even when u hurt us, we will still be ur friend. BUT, once we tire of ur BS it seems like the smallest thing sets us off. Nope, it’s not the small stuff, it’s we have had enough. We always try…



    The guy that i am head over heels for now is a Scorpio, and first thing that got me was the WOW aspect about him. His lips, his eyes, his hair, his skin, his smirk, ugh everything! (Then again scorpios usually have that kind of POW first impression).

    ~~About me/and my gemini ways~~

    • Keep me guessing, never bored. I get bored easily! Spontaneous activity, ideas, thoughts, etc. keep my attention.

    • I love talking and chatting, and i love joking and having fun, a sense of humor is a must. I can and certainly will continue a good funny conversation if your up to it all night 🙂

    • I am a female, but i am very romantic. If someone gets my heart…. they most certainly will be the first person to know, it will be NO secret.

    • Due to the fact that i get bored easily, i have to keep myself entertained. If i have my eye/heart on/invested in someone, i may try to speed things up, but in reality, i dont want things to go fast, its just me unknowingly being bored. A man that can hold his ground and stay steady but still give me enough to stay interested is what turns me on and makes me wonder ‘why?……’ which plays into keeping me entertained. (scorpios do this well, they are firm and mysterious, not easily manipulated etc)

    •  I am very good with my words, i can and often do talk my way out of alot of situations, and i can often sway people to see my point of view if not completely get them onto my team :-p ,

    • With the above in mind, my gift of words often gives the manipulative impression. Some can be offended and annoyed by this, but i dont do it to be rude, its the controlling aspect of a gemini.

    • For ME (this may or may not be characteristic of a gemini)…a man that will NOT allow me to manipulate him (at least not to the extent of others) once again keeps me interested, makes me question, and wonder why… the hmmmmm aspect comes into play)

    • I can be in charge and be the boss, but i also have no problem (usually) being submissive and turning over some if not most/all (occassionally) of that power, which for Scorpios is good because they like to be in charge as well.

    • I read people really well. I am very intuned to body language, tone, facial expression, attitude, and try to figure people out. Once i figure them out, and their personality, i often try to make them laugh and make them happy.


    To sum it all up, keep me interested, guessing, wondering, give me a little, but not too much where i get bored. Ex. keeping things interesting, fun, spontaneous and non repetitive in the bedroom is def. a way to keep me interested, P.S…another perfect match for a Scorpio man.




    • Bad hygiene, (long finger nails, dirty, bad teeth, bad breath, …u get the point)

    • Cockyness…(there is a difference between confidence and that delicious mysteriousness a Scorpio male has…and that ‘i can get any girl’….. if you have that mentality, or if i can read it/detect it off of you… you will have NO SHOT with me, because i will legit refuse every advance of urs JUST to prove you wrong.)

    • Putting boundaries on me, (ex. i was in a relationship where the traditional cultural expectations were pretty straight forward. Me not cooking, cleaning taking care of my daughter, working, and going to school all at 100% success rate meant i was not good enough…i lived in shear unhappiness for several years like this. It wasnt until after ending the relationship did i realize i was rebelling in my own way.) I like to keep things interesting, and role reversal and switching things up is fun.

    • A man that flirts with other women or is disrespectful in that manner in some way. I am already a jealous woman, but i have found i can easily get over it if you make me feel at ease. If you make me feel like i am the only one for u, and i can read it in ur eyes, tone, face, body that it is true, i will trust you.

    • DONT try to bull shit me or pull the wool over my eyes. Like i said befoe, i read people VERY well. I can tell when you are not being completely truthful. DONT tell me things you THINK i want to hear because i will detect it, and then not trust you from that point on.



    Well i hope i helped someone out, sorry it was so long, but i put down anything and everything i could think of. Cheers!

    Geminis love to be the centre of attention appreciate intellect but will also make fun of it..flirty..not sure one person will ever fit the bill ..will always be looking for somone else..needs a good laugh..was married to a Virgo for a looong time..he drained my enthusiasm..crossed me ..boy was i cross..just walked out on him..which he cant stand was left carrying the can..running the family home




    My experiece with a Gemini, Likes: Natrually beautiful, stylish, intelectual, creative, lover of good life, independent, talkative, never boring personality. They give a lot and make the best of friends. Your Gemini will always make a cloudy day shine.They wont pitty you but rather boost your spirit with positivity and make fun out of the worst situation. Very creative and can make something out of nothing. Dreams big, and lives with no regrets.Mistakes make them stronger and wiser and they prove that by never sulking over them, picking themselves up and moving on is something they do very well. They are very forgiving and make the best lover, tho pleasing them sexually can be difficult, it is the most rewarding. Can and will stray from long term relationships. The need of experimenting and curiosity is something they need to live-out on their own. Treat them like a butterfly with utter most delicacy. If they want to fly let them, They will appriciate you for it…I am a 30 Y/O Aries man, I met my Gem in high school. After 5 years at 19 she needed to spread her wings and I let her fly away per her request. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But after a little exploring of who she is, she came back to her Ram. Been with her 15 years, and are most compatible in all aspects of life….I have no dislikes, a true Gem is just simply a very special person.





    I’m a Virgo male seeking the heart of a Gemini woman I work with. We spend time together when works permits us to and I find myself simply enjoying every moment. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, even if I just see her in passing. Lately we have seen each other more than usual in the 2yrs that I’ve known her, and I still try to give her suttle little hints occasionally of my desire to be with/interest in her beyond what we have now. I’m usually good at “reading” people, but my first experience with a Gemini is proving to be a challenge, I’m constantly on my toes and left guessing. So how do I know, or how do I tell if she truly is interested or possibly “thinking” the same as me? Spending time together almost everyday is a nice sign, but it could also mean just a closer friendship and nothing more. But here’s the thing, I give her back rubs from time to time, sometimes when she asks for it, and sometimes when she doesn’t and I want to anyway without complaint. I can lift up and place my hands under her shirt, I can give her a gentle (and loving) kiss on her neck or back, no complaints. She says her toes “tingle” when I massage her. I always give her a hug and a kiss (no lips… yet) when I first see her, and when we say goodbye for the day. Even one time when she was leaving and forgot, all I had to say was “WTF?” (jokingly) and she turned around, came back up the steps and said sorry as we hugged. We don’t spend any time together outside of work due to the fact that she lives with someone who is also the father of her youngest child, they’re not married. I want to leave her a card (nothing mushy) and a single rose on her seat/workspot before she comes in on Valentines day so she sees it first thing, to let her know I was thinking of her in a special way. Good move? Bad move? She’s already told me she’s not into those “lovey dovey days” like that. I really do like her alot and would love to be together with her and her kids, to be a part of her life. Do I keep going or do I move on? Please help.


    @Getsmart610 I’m a MALE~GEM & AGREE, 110%, w/UR’COMMENT on da:ABOVE(Deleted)Users’GEM.Descriptn, which’wuz:EERILY’SIMILAR.. in ITz’ I’gotta PERSONAL’EVAL!!!! ALLda.. BEST, Fellow’GEMZ!! #SPEECHLESS1stTimeEEEVVVA :,^X


    um im a gemini female and although i sorta have a grudge against men i tend to fall for guys who are nice, sweet, intelligent but not too intelegent, guys who have a gigantic imagination and no how to have fun, strong mentally and physically, guys who have blond or brown hair blue or green eyes (sometimes really dark brown eyes), guys who are good with animals, guys who no how to cook, guys who are funny but don’t joke around all the time coz it would just get reeeeeaaaalllllyyyyyyy annoying to the point you hit them, guys who are good to women, height doesn’t matter to gemini’s, as long as your kind and at least average looking your pretty much good to go oh! showing off is good but showing off too much will get you no where coz the person you like is a gemini they wouldn’t like a show off well everyone doesn’t but gemini’s can be competetive so don’t coz you will just fail

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