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    Hi everyone,

    I’m not sure if this is the right forum to ask but here goes:

    I’m a Cancerian male and what is described in the compatibility article seems true.  I haven’t dated a Gemini woman before, but I can say that the best women I have known so far in my life were Gemini’s.  How I get to know these Gemini women occured usually in the workplace.  For the past couple of years that I worked at a few companies, there is at least 1 Gemini woman I have known at each of these companies and each time I meet them, we have so much in common when we discuss topics, what are ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ are, etc.  I haven’t worked directly with them (until now) but I usually meet and chat with them at lunch or social events organized by the companies.  I enjoy their company the most and I get the feeling they enjoy my company as well.  It is quite strange.  I promise you that meeting them in the workplace and getting along well with them is purely coincidental.  Upon meeting each of them, I never asked for their birthday or star sign (because they are cheesy pick-up lines, right?); only when their birthdays are announced do I find out that they are Gemini.
    Up until recently, I have never worked with a Gemini woman directly and my meetings with them are purely informal (at lunches and social events).  However, for the past couple of months I have been working with a Gemini who is great. We work well on a professional level and when we have informal conversations at lunch or social events, it is really incredible how much in common we have.  We really enjoy each other’s company.  She can be a bit funny and unpredictable sometimes (which I like), but at the same time, she does display the serious and intelligent side of her. 
    The one common scenario I have with all these women is that my association with them are only limited in the workplace i.e. I don’t meet with them outside of work e.g. meeting them on weekends.  Two reasons why I never dated them is a) I usually don’t date women in the same company I work (it can become awkward if it doesn’t work out with them) and b) even though getting along with Gemini women on a friendship level can be great; I’m not entirely sure how it will work out on a relationship level.  With regards to the current Gemini woman I am working with, she is definitely off limits; because a) we working with each other and b) she is getting married next year (to someone else).  Now, I admit that the Gemini women I have known previously I have had a small crush on, but I never realy made a move on them (because of the reasons above).  Also, I have also lost contact with them after I have left these companies.  With regards to the current Gemini I am working with, I promise that I have never made any move on her. :)   However, I admit that, if we weren’t working in the same company and that she is single and not dating, I might have asked her on a date.
    Even though I am a Cancerian man,  I don’t have the natural tendencies of being clingy or jealous like the typical Cancer (although I can be moody sometimes :) ).  I have also come to understand that Gemini women do need their space sometimes, and that they do not like to be smothered all the time, and I don’t have any problems with that. 
    Do any of you have any advice for me on dating Gemini women, in case I do get lucky and meet that special Gemini person? :)
    Thanks and apologies for the long comment.  Again, I think Gemini women are awesome. :)

    User Deleted

    You may have some compatible astrology going on with Geminis, like your rising sign, your moon sign, your venus sign.  Also, Gemini and Cancer are next door neighbors in Western Astrology, which makes for a kind of capatibility.  I have also found that often men will be very compatible with women who are similar to their Mother’s astrology.  Ie, if your mother was a gemini, or the equivaliency in Chinese astrology of gemini (horse), you may find gemini women very wonderful to be around.

    My husband’s mother is a Horse in Chinese astrology, and I’m a Gemini, and I actually think that has helped our relationship a lot, because he is used to that Gemini energy in a close relationship.

    Sounds like you are doing fine getting along with the gemini women in your life.  I know that for me, being respected, and knowing that I have  my freedom (in thought, action, feeling) is very important to me.  I need to be trusted and respected, that makes me feel safe and appreciated.  If I am not treated with respect, I am “outta there”.  

    Good luck with your love life.  

    And, on a side note, only make a move on that lady at work if you are really serious, since she is engaged.  Don’t want to mess with her emotions unless you are REALLY serious.


    Where do you get the equivilancy of the horse in eastern or Chineese astrology and Geminians? I am a Gemini and am a Rabbit. It depends on the year the person was born!

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