Always fall for Cancers!

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    I am a Gemini woman who has had two serious relationships in my life one for 14yrs and one a couple of yrs later for a year both with cancer males. Now I have fallen in love with another male crab But this time the intensity is beyond anything I have ever felt before. We have never touched no physical contact it’s all on an emotional and mental level the connection we have is unreal. I work with this man and he has a partner but we speak or txt everyday, he is aware of how I feel and has not backed off from me if anything we have become closer. I’ve tried to distract myself, I’ve tried to date other men, I asked him to tell me he doesn’t want me and he refused to tell me on the grounds that he didn’t like being told what to do! should I hang in and stick with this friendship or am I going to get hurt? I have never felt love like this in all my life, he has encompassed me help!!

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