How to attract a Gemini?

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    How will you attract a Gemini’s attention?


    demonstrate genuine intellect….. avoid fake attitudes…… behave like a curious child… eagerness to explore the unknown……. etc


    Am currently dating a gemini man bt he’s married & I wana knw more abt hin


    could u please tell me haw to open my thrid eye



    I have been in a relationship with my gemini man now for 8mths & he is loving, caring & kind . But one thing that gets on my nerves is his moods he can blow hot & cold at times & thats coming from me a sagittarius  woman .     


    As a Gemini female…you need to be yourself. Keep our attention with great conversations with a variety of topics. Don’t be uptight. Make us laugh…make love with our minds and personally…you’ve got my attention.


    Stimulate their brain constantly 


    I absolutely hate pick-up lines. I find that alot of men that I have come into with will not accept that i would like to get to know them first before deciding to date them. So I always weigh out the pros and cons before deciding to go out on a date with someone.

    If you want to attract my attention…first and foremost…keep the conversation interesting. Don’t bore me! Behave like a gentleman. Be sensitive and funny. If you have my attention, wink at me and smile. That makes me melt inside more than anything.



    Be honest, and treat me with respect.  Don’t judge me, and don’t try to control me.  And, be able to laugh at yourself, and be able to see the humor in life in a friendly way.


    I’m glad I found this site. I have come to realize a lot of my ways are from my zodiac sign. I never knew why it was always a must for me to have control. All of the things fellow Gemini’s have said are true. I love a man with a brain. Never ever try to control me, u will lose.

    At present I’m in a relationship with a Pieces. I’m bored out of my mind. He is sweet but I need more. I always feel like I’m his teacher.

    I would never date a Scorpio. I love them as friends they are sooooo funny. But a relationship would never work for me. The are too posessive. They are over secure yet insecure an jealous.

    Wouldn’t date a Virgo neither. Too sneaky. Cool as a friend until they show the green eyed monster.

    I can’t be involved with a jelous mate. I’m a free spirit. I flirt but I’m loyal, until I become bored with you (LOL).



    Hmm. These comments have somewhat helped me, but I feel as though it’s all lacking some important details. I happen to be an aquarius male that finds most interest in gemini women, especially ones with water moons. Thanks for the assistance though, haha. c:


    I’m a gemini woman and I think that the most attractive thing in the world is a guy that can make me laugh. It keeps me entertained. I also love it when a guy is spontanious and a bit impulsive. I’m very free spirited and care free so it’s important to me to be with someone that can keep up with my fast pase and always keep me guessing what will happen next. In short: be unpredictable.

    Something that really bugs me is when a guy is overly romantic. I’m not really big on sharing feelings or stuff like that. I’d much rather tell funny stories than cuddle with a guy. So let a gemini woman know that you like her, but don’t go all, “you mean the world to me” on her or it comes off as clingy or too serious.

    Lastly, it’s important to not be the jealous type. I have a huge wandering eye and am very flirtatious, but I am also the most loyal person that I know. If I really like a man, i’m not going anywhere. Don’t get to over protective or this will make her feel like you are trying to hold her down or control her. And controlling a gemini will never go well.


    As a Gemini, I prefer someone who is intelligent, sweet, kind, good sense of humor, beautiful manners, treats me like a lady, artistic, can carry on a great conversation, good sense of self, his own man, and not controlling. 



    A great sense of humor and always be ready for adventure!


    I’m a Virgo male seeking the heart of a Gemini woman I work with. We spend time together when works permits us to and I find myself simply enjoying every moment. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, even if I just see her in passing. Lately we have seen each other more than usual in the 2yrs that I’ve known her, and I still try to give her suttle little hints occasionally of my desire to be with/interest in her beyond what we have now. I’m usually good at “reading” people, but my first experience with a Gemini is proving to be a challenge, I’m constantly on my toes and left guessing. So how do I know, or how do I tell if she truly is interested or possibly “thinking” the same as me? Spending time together almost everyday is a nice sign, but it could also mean just a closer friendship and nothing more. But here’s the thing, I give her back rubs from time to time, sometimes when she asks for it, and sometimes when she doesn’t and I want to anyway without complaint. I can lift up and place my hands under her shirt, I can give her a gentle (and loving) kiss on her neck or back, no complaints. She says her toes “tingle” when I massage her. I always give her a hug and a kiss (no lips… yet) when I first see her, and when we say goodbye for the day. Even one time when she was leaving and forgot, all I had to say was “WTF?” (jokingly) and she turned around, came back up the steps and said sorry as we hugged. We don’t spend any time together outside of work due to the fact that she lives with someone who is also the father of her youngest child, they’re not married. I want to leave her a card (nothing mushy) and a single rose on her seat/workspot before she comes in on Valentines day so she sees it first thing, to let her know I was thinking of her in a special way. Good move? Bad move? She’s already told me she’s not into those “lovey dovey days” like that. I really do like her alot and would love to be together with her and her kids, to be a part of her life. Do I keep going or do I move on? Please help.

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