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    Usually in astrology they tell you Geminis are: flirts, superficial, charming, intelligent, liars. but Geminis also have some other good and bad qualities as well:

    we are the greatest manipulators. these sign members can and will play with your feelings just for the sake of playing. it’s not our superficial quality that make us play like this, it’s the need for control. Geminis connection to their immediate environment is the strongest of all signs – and we have nothing else to connect us to this world (Leos have their pride, Pisces their sensations and global ideals, Aquarius – their morals, Capricorn their ambitions and will atc) so controlling it is crucial to our being. we have to know – feeling won’t do here, it’s the knowing that counts – that we have full control over our immediate environment.

    also, Geminis are blind to others’ manipulations. we are so busy figuring out our own mind, it’s very easy to fool us. that’s why people sometimes see us as careless, superficial, or naive.

    we are highly intuitive. some astrology traits describe it as ‘quick mind’ or an ability to grasp complex things and situations by intellect. actually if considering the bottom line, intuition is the ability to take many many small details into account and make a conclusion. our intuition won’t fall of that of a Pisces, an Aquarius or a Scorpio.


    do you have some other not-so-known facts about Geminis to share?


    Myself and other Geminis I know, we do give ourselves to humanitarian work and charities…fighting for human and animal rights. We are very generous and loyal to people who are important to us. We stick up for the helpless and the “underdogs”.

    We analize every decision we make…weighing out the pros and cons before we make the decision and we can identify a con-artist.

    We have a tendancy to having repiratory issues…as well as having problems with our shoulders…hands and arms. We can suffer from anxiety and sometimes have many tasks on the go. We are multi-taskers.

    We have the gift of youth…never looking our age. Many Geminis are very up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. So much so that some Geminis have a certain style that doesn’t make much sense.

    We are very competitive, which makes us pretty valued in business matters. We are flexable and make spur of the moment decisions…never making long range plans.

    Geminis have a pretty hard time with comittment. Marriage is something that scares the hell outta me because it would take my free spirit away and being tied down feels like being in a dungeon. Geminis are forever looking for our soul-mates. We have a double personality. Almost like good and mischievous. Serious and not so serious. Being with a Gemini is like living with 2 people…not one.

    We are compatable with Libras and Leos and Aquarius.Sometimes those of our own sign..Aries (don’t recommend…because of the arguing and drama).


    I also forgot to mention that we bore easily. We know alot about alot of things. Studying a wide variety diverse topics is a part of our interests.


    HAHAHAHA…Awww…that’s too bad. I think more often than not people find me to be a mystery and just when they think they have cracked the code, so to speak, than they find they didn’t know what they thought…right Scorp’s!

    I think the one reason why I am so mysterious is because I keep so much inside and don’t share much with others unless I share a bond with those individuals.


    Sounds like it! Sensuality is a huge turn on for me. I am a very sensual person and am a HOPELESS romantic. I have never really been with a Virgo before. My uncle and a gentleman I know personally are both Virgos.

    The one thing that does intrigue me about Virgos is because we are both ruled by Mercury, the ability Virgos have in keeping my mind challenged by our discussions. I love it when someone is able to challenge my brain to think. We usually can have endless enjoyable discussions together.

    I would definitely date a Virgo!


    Awwwww, that made my day! You are sweet!

    I really enjoyed participating in it. I think it’s positively wonderful when other human beings can connect and understand each other and get to know each other. It is something that refreshes my spirit.

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    To add up some facts here… We Geminis are never tiresome kind… We keep on the run until the last drop of energy within us drains and then boom… We will be down for days… till the energy fills up to minimum required levels… And to say the truth we charge our energy grids faster than any other zodiac signs.. 

    We fit into any kind of environment. Like the Air, we will be everywhere, fit everywhere and move everywhere. The only thing which would be of negative aspect is that we wouldn’t be still. We keep on changing our forms.

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    Being a leo woman and now dating a great kind and the sweetest Gemini man i have ever met. Its true what they say, Gem guys are full of energy and are here there and everywhere really but once you capture their attention, rest assured, they can settle down. We have been dating for over 2 yrs now and we have just come back from a great holiday overseas and now planning a wedding for the summer. so go leo woman and gemini man, you have what it takes, just concentrate on your compromises and never give up on your dreams to make your relationships a success.



    Congrats jane! All the best and for a great and loving life with your future Geminian husband!

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    definitely describes me as a gemini. thanks gabrielle.

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