How to attract a Gemini?

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    Ok, based on what u said, ha he is living with her child’s father,…. And that to me makes it sound like she is taken or perhaps dipping her toes into new waters aka YOU without finishing her business with her current man WHICH if you think about it (forgive me gemini’s and I know we are not ALL cheaters but we cannot deny a chance of adventure And excitement even though it doesn’t MaKE us cheat)….. She could be getting a thrill from letting u do what u do,…. Perhaps maybe she would let it go into affair territory,…. But if YOU don’t want to get hurt or get confused,…. U should ask her what her current status is with her man,…. And decide what you want. I say be blunt. Gemini’s are fast with their tongue,… At least all the ones I know, including myself,… And if you catch her off guard with ur question, u r most likely to cause her to think about her answer or slip up enuf for you to call bullshit. My take on the situation is that you are a thrill for her,… Excitement and enticement away from home, but considering she is still with her baby’s father, I suggest not messing with her unless you are ready to keep your emotions in check and the possible drama that comes along with being a lover. Good luck. 


    To attract a Gemini:

    Good conversation is a starter. You don’t have to be a genius, but good stimulation, intellectual conversation is good. We like learning from people, that is why we have so many friends/acquiantances from different walks of life. If a Gemini hears you say something they don’t know about and they ask you about it and you are well informed about that topic, please elaborate 🙂 That means you have our curiosity peaked. 

    We love someone with a good sense of humor. We are kind of “just like one of the guys”. We love, love, love to laugh and smile. Don’t try too hard because we will know you are trying too hard and that will make us turn off.

    Be yourself. The most important thing. We take people as they are. 

    Don’t be smothering, jealous or overpossessive. If you are, you need to keep it in line. Sometimes, if it comes up, that’s okay to a DEGREE. But if you come off that way (meaning we just met and/or haven’t known you long), FORGET IT we will jet. We know where home is. If we like, care and love you, you don’t have to act that way because we will always always come back. 

    We like surprises. Surprises us with cute little notes, e-mails, texts and/or gifts. We love that. If it makes us smile and get us THINKING (hint: mental) about you, it’s awesome.

    We are not overly emotional or clingy. At times we are. Sometimes we need to be held or cuddled and talked to. At other times, it’s like…hmmm, just to the point LOL. We do express our emotions. As we get older, it gets easier to do it. We are just more logical than emotional. As a Gemini, when I really care about someone, I write them a note or card (if it’s like birthday or holiday or whatever) and put my honest feelings in it. It always makes their day 🙂 I am learning to be more emotional/expressive because I realize people need to hear these things, especially are loved ones.

    Naturally, we are flirty and charming. At times, we don’t realize we are doing it. Don’t take it so seriously or feel threatened. It’s just talking. If we don’t want to be with you or bothered, we will let you know. 

    Last: If a Gemini is jealous, they really do like you! Sounds weird, but we are not jealous people at all. But if we are dating you and get a little bent out of shape, we care. 



    be funny and interesting and very sexual 🙂 and dont try to control 


      @mikeb0912 im soo inspired by your story. I feel as if you should’ve kept persuing her bcuz if she was taking time out of her work hours to show you attention shes interested. I am a gemini woman who is still in love with the virgo male who i’d experienced alot of my first things including my virginity to my 1 & only child. Its been 10yrs since we’ve been in each others lives but been broken up for 6yrs. He’s single just graduated college & working on his career & so a I (single but still in college) i am tired of being in relationships that doesnt last & my heart is still with him as a virgo male..any advice on how I can get hi to recommit we’ve discussed it but he seems afraid


    I need advice #help


    Be smart, funny, charming, and love to chat about smart, interesting, current events. Never be boring or glum.

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    Be a Non-Linear thinker, multitasking, colourful, intellectual, clever, creative, sensitive…

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