Are you jealous that I am a Gemini and you’re not?

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    Proud to be a Gemini 😀


    Nothing to be proud of or to feel bad about.every zodiac sign has its own set of good and bad traits….. feel good about good and try to overcome bad habits……… simple


    Yeah, I’m pretty happy to be a Gemini as well. I do like the fact that ideas come to me so quickly and Gems do tend to make pretty good judgement calls on people based on intuition. I’ve saved my mother a couple of times from getting taken in by scam artists or someone she was involved with that tried to hurt her.

    The one thing I don’t like about being Gemini is the changable mind, reoccurant sore throats and upper respiratory viruses, which is a problem I have right now, problems with my shoulders and I would like to be able to open up to people. I don’t like being in a vulnerable position. I have heard that Johnny Depp (who is a Gemini and a Rabbit, like me), is the same way. He does tend to keep things bottled up inside.


    Im a Gemini and wouldn’t mind a little Capricorn in me for some stability lol


    There are things I love about being a Gemini, but i sometimes hate that i can see all sides to every situation which makes me seem wishy-washy & Indecisive.  I also hate that I try to juggle too many things at once & too often – spread myself too thin.



    i love being a gemini…..there are many positives….der are negatives as well….but the best thing in me is that i kno m talented and i kno hw to make myself happy….



    Hmmm, we are always mentioned as being 2 faced. I guess that’s the part of us who wants to make everyone happy. If u pluck our nerves u “will” get the truth. We hate hurting ppl we care for. I love being a Gemini. I can always see things from every point of view. I just hate stupidity.


    I kind of love being a gemini, I do. But it is hard being a gemini. It is fun too. Hmm :/ 


    I love how intelligent and fun geminis are, can’t stand the drama that most people pass around. They are also really good at calming me down and easing my nerves. I’ve noticed some have an ego problem, but even they are usually polite and respectable people. Most have such funny and quirky personalities, I love that! I am by no means jealous though because I love being an aquarius, but I really would love a gemini woman by my side and as my best friend. c:


    I have herd we are 2 faced. I wouldn’t say that. We do like making everyone happy and that I sometimes hate it. I do like being a Gemini.


    Gemini’s are the sshhhhhh LOL. 

    I do hate the changeability at times. A co-worker said his best friend is a Gemini and why are we so flaky?? and cracked up. I said we just are LOL. 

    My mom is a Capricorn, so my stability is there LOL. Even then it’s to a degree because she knows how I am.

    When people say two-faced i hate that sometimes. I have to explain we are not two-faced like backstabbing, we are just hot and cold. We see all sides to situations, ALL sides and that is where are wish washy-ness comes in…because we see it ALLLLL not just “x” side, ALLLL of it. 


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