How to attract a Leo?

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    How will you attract a Leo’s attention?


    you attract an leo attention with compliments. im a girl leo and i love compliments shows that you like me


    Compliments are a great thing but make sure its the right way, they live creative people and different so dont be like everyone else you need to stand out and be a MAN, because theyre very picky in that way…make sure to be nice an polite they dont like the ppl that be typical and silly all the time trying to fit in…


    By giving me non-expensive gifts is enough. just a Siple note or drawing or just by making me feel like the only girl in the world. Looking at me in a way of admiration and passion making me feel loved and one of a kind. Thats how may man attracted this leo woman. ut the thing i love the most to get is attention and to feel as if im the only one when im in his arms…


    Boldness, showing a sort of admiration, being very complimentary (but must be guinuine or we’ll see right through it). Leo’s love to be adored and pampered. Being shy is cute but we need to KNOW you like us. Don’t be afraid to step up to the plate. We LOVE to be LOVED.


    Just start talking to me and don’t give up. You can talk to me for hours and I’m happy. And if you see me smiling the whole time, then you know you have attracted me 🙂


    Wow u really show Leo characters. U’re trully a Leo. Welcome to our amazing world. LOL!


    i am a gemini…i like a leo…but dnt kno whether he likes me….n m a lil shy to ask directly…….what should i do???,…..nd i dnt want to confess first….sooo hw to attract him so that he confesses first


    (Yes I am a Leo) LOOK GOOD! (at all times) That’s the best advice I can give for first impressions, I think Leo’s in general are pretty shallow when it comes to physical apearence & would place looks above personality any day.

    And when you actually start dating or become a couple, give him/her lots of attention & pampering. We Leo’s love to be fussed over. Compliments will work on Leo women, but for the men just stick with being kind/gentle & attentive. 


    Make sure to let us do a lot of the talking but dont zone out completely. Its really annoying. Its very important to care. Show you care. If you dont care, im sorry, but get out. Seriously. Compliments, yes. But not compliments like I like your shirt or something. Compliments that aren’t too ordinary. Make us feel special. Also think about what you’re going to say. You might think something’s a compliment, but we may not. Don’t be shy. At least not for too long. For me, its really frustrating if I don’t know if you like me. Or if you care. 


    For first date, you should be on your best self. Be polite, compliment her dont flatter coz she will know the difference. Yes we love attention. If u r on a date, dont u ever try to gaze up on to other girls coz we leo girls want the full attention from u. Dont worry if guys look at us coz it’s just the way, thats natural to us. We always stand out in the crowd. Some men cant stop looking us and we flirt back. it is not that we like them, it is just we love attention but we are very loyal to the one we love. 


    i am dating a leo and he is a great guy but he seems confused one moment he  wants us to bne a support system and then he asks me what are we going to do about us i ask him what does he want to do he says he doenst know thast he is at a crossroads a fork in the roadifyouy will. he says i have a sheild and deflect how do i show him that i want to be serious


    1 thing about a Leo,do not try to offend it and dont act stupid. Some   Leo’s are critics and tend to get annoyed easily… 

    Like me and my girlfriend were both Leo’s and we get annoyed of each of each other so easily ,criticisizing everyday and act childish sometimes.

    But hey were together for 4 years now and our love still didnt die <333

    Also if u get a Leo, ur life will be full of suprises !! Trust me 😉


    older cancer woman/younger leo man  can this work?


    give her lots of attention and devotion.but try to keep it mysterious.for a leo always love being challenged.

    im a leo girl, and yes, we like being chased,adored and praised.but too much will bore us, and think everything is just plain simple and boring like the ordinary,since leos are used to the attention.

    make it exciting,add spice and be creative in giving her gifts or attention.surprise her,but dont over do it.

    leos loooove to talk.were attracted to smart,witty people whom we can talk to just about everything.if u have a sense of humour, and you can keep the conversation interesting,those are plus points.

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