How to attract a Leo?

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    Compliment her, but not too much. Be funny and serious. Don’t show her your weakness and the most important thing is she need to feel confident when she’s with you. She need her time that’s it. It’s hard to get a Leo Woman’s attention


    Good Luck 😉


    I have been reunited with my Leo man for a year after many years of not knowing what became of each other. we used to be married. I thought I understood my Leo, and yes he is Sooo Leo. We have not seen each other yet cause money doesn’t permit. We had a very hot and romantic first half of 2014 then it cooled to communication, I luv u’s form him but no romance or  pet names, nothing. He did tell me he had a something to do girlfriend when we reunited and knows I am in a bad marriage – again need to move but money is an issue. My Leo was the “grownup” and said noe don’t get dissapointed by septtember when you can’t get here.It will take time. He was my cheerleader, and said he loved me and wanted me to come there and be with him forever. 

    Since sept he has cooled, doesn’t send unexpected spontanious texts and has told me i am worse off than months ago ( no job no car no money) he said keep moving forward but now he is saying I have to get myOWN life together. He also got very upset with me becasue he says that every 4 weeks or so I bring up his relationship with the other woman who as far as I know he only sees fri and sat night for 3-4 hours. dinner and tv at her house and games with her friends on sat at her house. he texts mee when he gets home and we play an online game but don’t really talk. He said he told me once that nothing was happening and as time goes on they will not get closer, but he has threatened me with ending us if I bring it up again that he was sick of hearing it. Leo’s… what is going on in his head?  anyone who can help me understand?

    He talks alot and I love to have conversations…hours sometime. But again, my availability for privacy only lets us talk once or twice a week. I am always the initiator of texting etc. he never reaches out becasue he said he doesn’t know who ius in front of my phone even though I have expressed my desire for him to call or text. he just doesn’t.  every night I text him a simple good night no I love you or anything.. he always responds with a nite luv u. don’t know what to think…. please help

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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