Leo and libra

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    Will Leo female and libra male work?


    I feel that Leo and Libra are very compatible regardless of gender even. I’m a Leo male with a Libra guy and have never loved anyone else this much


    Leos are best compatible with fire signs like Aries or Saggitarius. Libra is a bit too ‘windy’ for them, may drive Leos mad often. And you won’t want to see Leo in anger, I swear. But in fact this article https://whatsnew2day.com/top-3-things-that-irritate-girls-on-a-dating-site/ shows that greater damage to relationships is made by silly questions, not Zodiac incompatibility.


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    Libra is the sign of balance and harmony within the zodiac. Leo is the lion who rules fire. He is strong, brave, and confident but can easily become overbearing at times. Libra is ruled by Venus, goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and peace. She represents feminine energy, beauty, fashion, and social status.

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