Leo woman/ Aries man

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    Hi. I was in a relationship for 22 yrs. with an Italian Aries man. Two fire signs produced fire in every way.  We adored each other. We were both very attractive people.

    Sad now he has moved away. He lied to me. I miss him. Nothing I can do. My fire and spirit has never been the same.

    He is in town now visiting his family 20 min. from me! Have not seen him in almost 2 years.  2 years filled with tears but I am ok now. He just spoke to me 2 days ago on the phone because I called him and had the nerve asking me to pay his power bill!!  I never did, he asked his mother!

    Cant understand love anymore. I have given up, the hurt I went through was unreal.  He looked like Richard Gere and I looked like Natalie Wood.  Romance and passion are all gone in my soul now. Maybe someone out there felt like me too…….

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