Do pisces posses something no other sign seems to have?

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    Im am a pisces and always seem to know the out come of almost any givin situation & have great insight into the human mind & emotions.We also understand whats really important in life.Some might be money some popularity others matererial possessins.For us it comes down to what reaches the deepest in every one no matter the sigh that is loved ones.If that is what reachs nothing else can why do others not realize this consept.which all being said are pisces smarter/pychic or destine next in line to be something greater?

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    Im a leo and im the exact same way. my insight on situations and literitly seeing what will come of them not to mention i read people. i read their emotions. its not hard for me to know what they are thinking/ feeling honestly i dont think its just pisces.  my little sister is a pisces and shes the same way. but then theres my older sisters one is a leo like me and the other is a sagittarius and they are both insightfull and read people well but there not like me and my little sister. my mom is a gemini so is my cousin my mom is insightful like my 2 older sisters where as my cousin is just like me and my little sister…  


    Im also Pisces, and i really find that im able to predict situations before hand, i usually almost like to test if “i really can predict stuff .. by actually predicting small situations , and it usually does turn out as i have said… im always amazed by that!

    I am also very creative, and i do get bored very easily..


    1. Compassion

    2. Empathy

    3. Intuition

    4. Psychic

    5. Very Emotional/ Over Sensitive

    These are the five qualities which no other zodiac sign possess other than “PISCES“.

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