Do you think Pisces loves drama?

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    if not, then what’s wrong with them?

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    Some do, some don’t. I’m a pisces and I personally don’t like confrontation or drama, so I try my hardest to stay away from it. It takes too much energy to be all dramatic. I have an aquarius/pisces cousin who lives for it and I can’t stand to be around her because she becomes all loopy and crazy, one minute she’s ok, the next she’s in a whole other world. She’s always looking for sympathy. She’s always a victim of something or another. She complains about everything. Her priorities are backwards, but want to get mad when things don’t work out the way they should’ve. She’s always looking for free handouts or ways to get her money back after she’s used the product or have eaten half of the food in a restaurant and will sit there and argue with the manager. I mean the list can go on for days. It’s like for her, if something’s not dramatic enough or lacks it totally, then it becomes boring, pointless and is of no use to her. I suppose she just gets a rush from it, but I couldn’t do it. I’d be too stressed out.

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    yes..pisces loves drama…

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    Pisces are 2 fish with their tails tied together, that sounds dramatic doesnt it?? What do you expect. I think there is a difference between feb and march pisces. plus rising sign is the filter u use in social situations so you cant judge a Pisces by their Sun sign. I am a Pisces on the cusp of Aquarius and Ive created alot of drama for others while trying to find out who I was. Pisces need to NOT escape blindly, they need to create that dream world around themselves. When something in their environment is off, they are off. Many do not realize this for years.

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    I mean you CAN judge them but as with all mutable signs(Gemini, Virgo & Sagittarius) the rising is especially significant. Lucky me Im a pisces rising pisces lol but Im a sober Pisces so that helps. I do have a crazy imagination tho, but Im trying. jus keep swimming swimming swimming


    pisces is in beyblade metal fusion that boy loves drama and i think pisces loves drama


    I’m a pisces male, i may mention that something may annoy me in a relationship or ask if it can be worked on. But i HATE drama, i’d rather deal with the problem with communication, learn and then move the heck on. But so many people find it hard to communicate and think we are instigating drama by mention what is felt. Well that’s what’s required in a relationship… But yeah, seriously, i hate drama. I’d rather be happy and relaxed, my ex thought i liked the drama because we argued about the same shit, not my fault she couldn’t listen, communicate and meet me half way really, but yeah grr to drama.

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    They like to talk about drama. They probably talk the most gossip out of any other sign. 

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    That’s right, some do and some don’t and for me, I was more of a peacemaker who’d be my friend’s confidant to listen to their problems instead of my own bc that’s just who I was and I loved it!

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    I’m a pisces. I’m driven and ambitious and get on with things. I don’t need someone to support me or motivate me. I don’t like socialising or large groups of people. I’m a no non sense kinda female fish. I loathe drama and gossip. I can’t handle other peoples emotions or tears. Cry in front on me and I quietly excuse myself. I really have no sympathy for anyone over emotional or anyone that creates drama for themselves or me. I don’t live in that make believe world so many pisces do and I don’t create one either. I find drama very tiring and other pisces drain me. I don’t like confrontation and don’t go looking for fights or to put someone in their place however can stand my own if I get confronted. Usually the other person wishes they never said anything. 

    I do think that most pisces create drama so then they can pull out the victim card and leach sympathy from others. They want others to feel sorry for them and tell them they are a wonderful person etc. That shits me to tears. So much energy is wasted on causing a drama when it could be put to good use doing something positive for someone else and a thank you is the only words you need to hear.

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    Definitly yes! All pisces do dramas just because it is our way of life 🙂



    Well,honestly I know two pisces they’re different,but alike in a way. One seems to be involved in drama and doesn’t hate it,but doesn’t love it either. The other one on the other hand,I noticed doesn’t try to get involved in drama. Though he does get involved in them,it’s not MAJOR drama. An example would be,if the whold school finds out he’s dating this girl,I know he won’t like it. I know because I’m usually the one that causes all the ruckus and drama and I always get lectured by him. haha xD


    Well….I’m a pisces and i’m not going to say I LOVE drama but I get bored easily and when im bored my personality isn’t its best. So drama or some form of harmless gossip or something coming up excites me and brings back my normal self.


    My father was a Pisces, they love to enjoy the moment, and want everyone to get along, so they don’t like drama as far as I know.


    I’m a Pisces and I can’t stand drama, although when I write I am so in touch with my feelings is dramatic, but only because of the detail and emotion I pour out you can feel it.  But drama between people, ugh… I’d rather just walk away and have no part of it.  Backstabbing, gossip, people angry and yelling, any of that bs – forget that, I’m going to peace out quick. 

    Just give me peace, nature (in the middle of the woods by a stream, river, or give me one of the Great Lakes or ocean), love, romance, affection, stimulating conversation, and some time for daydreaming…  Now I’ll stick around for that.

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