why cant i let go???

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    i have most my exs as friends but i wonder if its really productive cus how do u look forward if ur looking back all the time???(capricorn, taurus,leo, and virgo)those are the signs of all my exs…. i dont intend to get with most of them but still very much so care about the taurus and capricorn…. they know it too…. going back never seems to b the right descision but i cant help but to like the attention and the comfort


    im not sure about leos (not so familiar with those) but the other signs you named, well its no wonder your still friends with them, virgos for one are the best friends anyone can have, taurus and capricorn make awesome friends too, even as exes. The only thing you need to remember is they are exes for a reason, nothing wrong with staying friends:)


    thanks…. thats the thimg tho it sometimes takes me by surprise how comfortable we can b and border line make we wonder if we are friends or crutches to each other and down a dengerous slope of always looking back???  and never really moving forward? and also have to wonder if its me thats clingyng to them?(they hsve sll till this moment talk about how regretefull they r for taking me for granted)



    Yw:) I myself am guilty of going backwards, especially when i realize what i was looking for in a current situation wasnt found. Chances are they have your trust in some way, and it makes us comfortable, for we arent always comfortable with everyone (or in my case it seems). Im gonna say with the exes you feel safe or safer, its always easier to go back to “safe” then scary new territory (or in my case that is). You said they regret taking you for granted so chances are they still care about you. Before dating any of them again i would def analyze the good and bads of the relationship, and what actually ended the relationship. That way you know if its even worth the thought, but remember comfortable can be soothing but make sure you feel the love you so desire or none of the relationships will go like you hope. Hope that helps:)


    I’m a Piscean born on the 15 March, I was married to a Taurian and loved him to death. The only problem with my Taurus was that he was insanely jealous, a control freak of note, but sadly a bi-polar personality disorder making it very difficult to live with “walking on eggs” became the order of the day. In a strange way I felt like his therapist and it made me feel very fullfilled. As my son grew older and his bi-polar/borderline personality started affecting the family more and more as our son was emerging as an adult, life changed dramatically. My husband also had several “affairs” which is unforgivable to a Piscean and not typical of a Taurus (usually a very loyal sign) we divorced but still remain friends, however it is difficult as Mr Taurus cannot let go and has gone into a deep deppression which makes me feel guilty to the extent that I feel I have to be there for him. I’m happy with keeping a friendship only, but I’m not sure if this will pan out.


    dang that sounds rough because i know how it feels to try to b there even if they dont deserve an ounce of our thoughts but the best thing i cant say is keep ur distance and he probly knows u well enough that he will know that A we dont like to give up on love ones and B that if he plays the right tune well stick around for guilt…… so keep ur distance…. you do a lot of putting everyone first as a piscis…. pick wich project is worth investing time


    And i thought i was the only one!!!!! most of my ex-s are my friends , and we really do get along, they respect and adore me..

    But my one relationship that lasted for 5years i cannot get over, im engaged to be maried to someone else now, but i still cannot get over my x, we were also engaged to be maried but then broke up, i care about my current Fiance alot, but i just dont feel the way i felt for my X-Fiance..  this really makes sad everyday, i really dont know what to do anymore!


    And i thought i was the only one!!!!! most of my ex-s are my friends , and we really do get along, they respect and adore me..

    But my one relationship that lasted for 5years i cannot get over, im engaged to be maried to someone else now, but i still cannot get over my x, we were also engaged to be maried but then broke up, i care about my current Fiance alot, but i just dont feel the way i felt for my X-Fiance..  this really makes sad everyday, i really dont know what to do anymore!


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    There are few things more disheartening than a troubled relationship. It’s hard for you to focus on any other part of your life when you feel disappointed and deserted by the person who should be by your side – helping you, holding you,

    loving you.


    It is particularly frustrating when you know you have tried everything within your powers to straighten out the situation. Yet whatever you do or say, your loved one doesn’t seem to “get it.” And you know in your heart this relationship will work if only you can tear down the barriers preventing your loved one from loving you totally and unconditionally.


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    I am a Pisces who FINALLY left a very hurtful marriage after 15 years. My husband was a fellow Pisces and we fell into a very lazy, resentful relationship. I wanted him to take charge, and he wanted to but was never able to stay with it. He went from job to job while I kept steady work. He was ok with me working more hours and making more money until I wanted to make a decision. Then he became very resentful and sarcastically hurtful. Our sex life basically died after the first two years, with us having (very awkward, uncomfortable) sex less than 10 times in the next 13 years.

    I have been dating a Taurus man for the past two months. I’m drawn to his strength and desire to keep me safe. He is very, very jealous and skeptical. He is very (undiagnosed) biPolar and the ups and downs are exhausting. I care about him and see so much potential but the constant jealousy and skepticism about my trustworthness. I am very honest and loyal but he constantly questions me. he will get very upset then calm down when we talk, and he ends up apologizing and saying he knows he can trust me. This is all very exhausting. 

    As a Pisces, I want to nurture him, reassure him, and help him. But this is reminiscent of my marriage; I don’t want to constantly reassure someone of my good heart. What should I do? I don’t want to be alone, I very much want to be with one person who loves me.




    I am Pisces, Moon Pisces, Mercury Pisces, Venus Pisces, Mars Virgo, Jupiter Taurus, Saturn Pisces, Uranus Virgo, Neptune Scorpio, Pluto Virgo, Lilith Capricorn, and Asc Node Gemini.

    “I am a true Piscean”. Therefore, I do NOT stay friends with my exes.

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