How would you describe a Sagittarius?

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    do you really think they are irresponsible and outspoken?


    i don’t think they are irresponsible they are out spoken.but also i think they can be cheap.they can be very affectionate and pays alot of a attention to you when your spending time together.but sometime to me they seems lost on what they want in life.they could say they want this relationship and the next time a conversation kicks up they talking something different it’s like they don’t know their own mind.they are very confusing and i hate complicated relationship.nothing is perfect but they are stressful to be with like you have to figure out the perfect time to make them happy when they go in this what ever mood they goes in. to me it does mentally,physical,emotionally draining

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    I Think There Sweet

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    It would seem to me , there “irresponsibility” to situations might/can also be affected by the surroundings in which they are in. If the sag was the creator of the project/idea..etc.. its the details of the project that they find a waste of their time and feel there is someone a lot more qualified/capable of handling that part of it, and if there isn’t hire someone!:) I mean the sag did put the whole thing into play in the first place!:)

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    irresponsibility is merely their wish for things to happen quickly. Some sags have it, others don’t. They can be irresponsible is they are too keen for the next thing to happen, which causes them to not pay attention. As for their out-outspokenness; The are honest creatures and go right to the point. To some that feels blunt and insulting. Others prefer it to a long winded conversation when the only thing one had to say is three words.

    But not all Sages are that simple. Some are, Some aren’t. They tend to be jolly though. And generally they are curious and seek answers. Often they seem impatient. They normally want to be the 1rst. The Best.

    The more complex ones tend to be cusps. Either Scorpio-Sagittarius, or Capricorn-Sagittarius.

    Scorpio-Sagittarius: Gets the edges and unevenness of the Scorpio. They get the ability to read people and are often at war with themselves. Being a water and fire sign. They have fixed and mutable. What does that tell you?

    Sagittarius-Capricorn: There too is a war inside the person. The ruling planet of Sag, being Jupiter, and the ruling planet of Capricorn being Saturn. That’s hard. Half of you is telling you to look for the boundaries and push them as far as possible. The other half is telling you constantly where your limits are, and to stay a bit away from them. Certainly never push them. To me people with this cusp are quiet and thinkers. They try and hide their battle from the outside world.

    At least, that is what I have observed from the Sages and cusps I know. There is no saying that all with those signs are the same.


    My mom is a Sagi and I have to say she is the most loving, DEVOTED, kind-hearted, RESPONSIBLE person and am very blessed to have her as my mother. Although if she does feel insulted she gets offended very easily and quickly tells people what she thinks.


    Pysichicdom…that was really well put! I have never seen anyone as determined than my mother. She is very dedicated to her job. I don’t think I would like to do the things she does everyday on her job, like emptying collastamy bags, doing pericare on her male patients etc. She has been working for this same healthcare company for just over 20 years. Dispite the BS she puts up with with the company co-ordinator, she still stays with her job because of her dedication to her patients.


    Yes, that she is! Very special person indeed. There is noone out there in the world like her and I am a very blessed individual to have her as my mother!

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    I am a sagittarius,

    Here is how I would describe my traits

    -Full of energy, non-stop action.

    – “Out there” and wise yet still full of wonder, looking for more!

    -Very creative, yet has trouble finishing projects before they are on to the next new thing.

    – Cannot keep a secret 🙂 haha

    – Adventerous and nature loving

    – Blunt and straight forward, always telling the truth

    – Whimsical 

    -Confident almost to the point where people think we are cocky.

    – Dont take things too seriously.. easy going and flowy, dreamy.

    -Usually preformers, love getting a laugh.

    – Interested in the un-explained things in life

    – Hates conflict



    agree with lindin : )

    thts me… 😛


    I am a saggitarian,all i can say is

    I m 24, still with a struggling life,”no carrear”  “no love”.
    I got a BADLUCK with me like a shadow with me,what evr i do goes wrong,since my childhood i am lossin everythng..
    and still today i didnt got the answer ” WHY ALL THIS SHIT HAPPENING WTH ME ONLY “…. 

    just wanna see ur thoughts cz may b it could b a hope for me,that one day everythngs gonna b fine…. 

    what u say??


    Hi I am too saggitarius.

    Here is how I would describe my traits:

    Very caring ,loyal in relationship ,freedom lover, outspoken , impatient but when it comes to love have patience alot.

    Imaginative,possitive ,love children and freinds,has many differnt types of talent ,ful of energy,fearless, always accept challanges,very emotional ,some time uncontrallable .love life . very helping hands and kind hearted. focussed to their aim . love means lot .

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    @heart stealer.. this is for u… U are attracting everything in ur life… if u have got bad luck stuck with you.. that is wat u will get… Think from now on wards u have good luck and the moment u believe that u have good luck,, u will have good luck.. Read the Book calld The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It is made only for sages.. Being a sage i can suggest you  Believe what u want and u will get it.


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    Me: Sagittarius Cusp of Capricorn

    Honest to a fault (often judged as blunt)

    Compassionate & caring beyond most people’s comprehension (This is why a majority of Sag’s are nurses or caretakers of some kind)

    Imaginative & creative (very into theater, acting, art, crafts, anything creative, but not that talented at any of them lol Dramatically fun, but not wanting to be around negative drama at all)

    Loving, Whimsical, Thoughtful, Funny, Thinker, Fighter of injustice, Cross between perfectionism and just getting by with something to get on to the next thing, Loyal and a secret keeper, Good listener, but LOVE to talk also, Not all that punctual, Taking on too much to the point of being flighty, even though I’m very smart, Confident but struggled through my younger years being EXTREMELY shy and quiet (could’ve been the difficult way I grew up), Love travel and the outdoors and feel most at home that way.

    Favorite quotes: Home is where the heart is and where you hang your hat. Before you judge a person, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, if they get angry, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes. 😉

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    iam a segeterius 

    and i think segetterius are very gutsy  and have capacity to do anything

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    Simply , my friends a Sagiturius women is your first love on the school yar. The amazingly energetic girl who’s face would rest in a pretty pout of a suggestive grin. They play roles weather is be the whore or the Maddonna Sag’s are very aware of the sexuallity from a young age. That child Damsel you want to rescue, but when you try she says a smart remark or sticks out her tounge. They are rebels by nature and although sweet as pie are tomboys at heart. Usually good at sports and always with the boys. Nevertheless she cant hide those candy coated hips under those baggy jeans Sag’s love for indulgent food paired with their zest for physical activity make them always have the most bodacious bodies. They are truly lonely, but they’ll never let you know and love to argue and debate. Their mystic draws you in , but beware that razor sharp tongue might leave you regretting even coming, dont worry her smooth charm will soon make you forget your wounds quickly. They are blunt by nature and dont mean to be rude or critical, they think their being honest and helpful. Sag women look strong, but secertly need company and true people in their lives, they are hard to find , and even harder to keep! They love travel and moving. If they feel offended or attacked by someone they love they are the type to pack their bags , leave and note, and never be seen again. Although Extremely sensitive and prideful , they are very forgiving, and with a couple of whispers and promises, she’ll be yours again. Damsels, Rebels, leaders and natural performers Sag women are seared into your heart forever!

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