Are sagitarius men sometimes too shy to ask directly a girl out?

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    I read everywhere that Sagitarius men are straitforward and ask openly for what they want. However, one that I know has been wooing me for a year, yet never asked me out directly. Often he does nice things for me and then (when asked about his motives) looks deep in my eyes and says he wants me to think it over and figure out myself why. He is around me as much as possible, and looks for opportunities to spend time with me (we work together). Talks poetry to me, complements me,provokes me, etc. But…never says directly what he wants or expects, as if waiting for me to do the first move. Is he an unusual Sagitarius then?

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    I know for a fact that they are if they want more than just a one-night stand. He is waiting for you to stop beating around the bush and let him know what the deal is. He will never ask you out directly, if you want him your gonna have to let him know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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