Is it possible to win a sags heart if they arent physically attracted?

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    so i met this girl and shes litterally everything i look for in a parter i dont date often and am really picky on who i date. she loves my personallity and loves hanging out but she just wont give me a chance. she opened up to me a lot and i thought she was really starting to have feelings for me because she told me some very dark secrets on her past. so i began to express how i felt towards her and she started distancing herself so after a few months of flowing back and forth i finnaly got the answer i was looking for and she said she wishes we could be bffs and love hanging out she just wasnt attracted to me in that way. this hurt me a lot and i told her i would never let anything interfere with our friendship but to be honest i dont know if i can keep my word because i do care for her deeply and want something with her  and dont know if i can just stop caring for her the way i do and just be friends because i know ill be wanting more and idk if she will ever give me the chance to be more than just a friend. i want to go after her and show her I dont want anyone but her but im scared that she will never like me the way i like her. then i read my horoscopes recently and they talk about moving on but then they also talk about following my heart and my heart says to go after her? What should i do???

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