Scorpio + Scorpio = ???

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    What to expect when two Scorpions merge together in love. . . 

    Recently met a fellow scorpio no more than 2 weeks ago and he is all I can think about. Intense! I feel as if I’ve known him my entire life. Prior to meeting him I wanted nothing serious, no relationship of any kind but now this boy has me changing my mind. Could fire like this ever last or is it destined to burnout fast? 


    Fierce! It can probably last considering Scorpio’s stubborness. But you may find yourself competing with him in many aspects of this relationship.

    –coming from a Scorpio who’s shared brief feelings with another scorpio. We basically never started a relationship but admitted to attractions.


    Also I should mention that my long tern friend Is a Scorpio as well as I. After 4 days knowing eachother, people thought we’ve known eachother for years. Now we are still best friends through thick and thin going about 6 years strong!

    As long as Scorpio compromises, it can last forever.


    I can certainly see where the stubborness thing would come into play when 2 Scorps come together but what worries me is our tendencies to be jealous/possesive toward each other. It makes me extremly jealous when I see him flirting with others even when I know we are more than likely going home together. This then makes me want to do my own flirting with the opposite sex so as not to be left out. I can’t sit around and watch him playfully flirt while I sit there looking like a fool, maybe this is possibly a little bit of the competing thing you mentioned. Regardless I think our passion can more than make up for it. Once we are alone together and we have each other locked into our intense fiery stares he’s all I ever want or need. I just worry if I am enough for him. Guess only time will tell. But I am more than willing to compromise for this man. He sets my insides on fire. 

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    I am in a relationship with a Scorpio (our birthdays are just 4 days apart) and we have been together 4 years. We are incredibly similar in so many ways but because of this we clash and have incredibly heated arguments. We have found our own ways to deal with this to some degree and have learnt alot from each other about ourselves, but for me personally now the arguments have tarnished the relationship and I’m so tired of them in general it has killed the passion. Early days I could imagine myself marrying this man but now I have serious doubts I want to be with him anymore. To be honest I’m very confused as we still have fun together, but it seems more like close friends now.

    By coincidence my boyfriend before was also a Scorpio, approx. 3 weeks apart on birthdays, he was a totally different character, very laid back. I thought he was brilliant for me as he calmed me right down, but I think he found me to over powering, I drove him away as I was too full on for him.



    ‘I can’t sit around and watch him playfully flirt while I sit there looking like a fool’  Fierce Lover, instead of ‘paying back’ by also flirting with other guys (that’s called ‘manipulation’, my friend) do not play games, i.e. he does something unspeakable – you do the same to ‘punish’. Where is love in that? Tell him if you don’t like something, in an upfront manner. If his flirting hurts you – just plainly TELL him.

    Yes, the passion and intensity are out of this world, as only you guys TRULY UNDERSTAND the value of living each single moment as last. But for this to last you would have to become THE WOMAN, in its true sense, i.e. love HIM, not how he makes YOU feel…

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