Can serious events change one’s personality traits and spiritual growth and development?

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    Someone asked this on email.

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    Life is continuous. Past affects present and present affects future. Serious events are only resultant of one’s personality traits and conditioning till that time and any twists and turns after that are also linked to the personality traits like a chain.


    Serious events are nothing but highly stressful and undesirable experiences one might have to go through, and may promote or block further growth and development depending on a person’s past and memories.

    For example:

    People who have low self-esteem, and a self-loathing tendency may choose to destroy their own and other’s lives after going through serious events and on the other hand people who have high self-esteem and self-love will accept serious events as a learning opportunity and make improvements and add happiness in their and other’s life.

    Thank you for your question dear reader 🙂


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    Further questions:


    So in essence a person’s personality does not change due to past experiences? I read that Capricorns’ are elitists. I loath people who think they are better then others no matter their social, intellectual, birth or professional standing? I am not ambitious nor impressed by money, but enjoy and find it most interesting getting to know people for who they really are. Capricorns’ are suppose to be arrogant and snobs? That is not how I feel at all.  As a person I am insecure and have no self confidence? Arrogance how can I even consider it when there is so much to learn from others and with life being so fragile, within a second one’s “life path” can change forever? What do you make of this?




    Will the rest of my life be as “event full”. Can you please give me some guidance on what is going to happen in my life during the next six months.


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    Core personality rarely changes but yes beliefs and outlook can be replaced easily. All human suffering has to do with wrong beliefs and huge ego. Core personality is very natural and never hurts.

    Further astrology is not limited to just Sun signs, it needs careful examination of birth charts and analysis of transits. On top of that, vedic astrology offers many more tools of analysis like planetary periods (or dasha systems).

    IMO to just relax, surrender and let go are some better ways to deal with crisis. What you resist, persists.


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