The very basic principle of Awareness

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    The very basis of Spirituality and Life itself is that we live in ignorance and keep searching for happiness here and there. But the reality is, happiness is here and now!

    God is here and now!

    The moment we go out in search of God, Truth, Happiness, Light etc. indirectly means we are living a life devoid of God, Love, Happiness etc.

    This comes from ignorance and not being fully aware that everything we want, need, desire is here and now and present in the moment.

    This ignorance results in further misery and dissatisfaction.

    The very first step towards Spirituality is Awareness –
    a) Awareness that we are always in union with God. No effort or energy input needed.
    b) Awareness that we are always Happy. No effort or energy input needed.
    c) Aware that once our karmic obligations are fulfilled we’ll have that love and happiness which is always permanent.
    d) Aware that karmic obligations can be easily fulfilled by living a disciplined life and loving everyone unconditionally and always being forgiving.
    e) Aware that all other things like Yoga, Pranayama, Marriages, Relationships, Values etc. are just tools and aids in this AWARENESS process.

    Be always aware that GOD is permanent, its upto human logic, how it can differentiate between temporary and permanent, and how to convert temporary into permanent.

    The world we see is not real, its a dream. The more we are aware of it, the more spiritually advance we are.

    Ask Oracle

    The deeper one goes into meditation, one realizes how much “crap” is filled inside. It’s called Sanskar in Patanjali Yoga Sutra. As this experiences increases overtime, awareness too increases and one slowly “becomes” joy and happiness. 🙂

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