Pisces and Taurus Compatibility

What does it take for a taurean guy to open up to a pisces woman?

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    Do they open up?Can we bring them to that point or should we just love them and support them all the way and let them do things their way?Is it sane or insane?

    Taureans are fixed yes, but how do they go on with their lives without spelling their feelings? 
    Don’t they feel the need to speak their feelings?
    Are they that scared that they will be exposed?
    How do they propose to some girl?
    Is there a way to find out without having the talk, that taureans despise?
    Any answer wil be appreciated! 

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    i what u are saying like if u were talking about me…. i honestly just decided to let him b and i realize that things happen to b on his terms anyways so why bother i love him no matter wat and i know he loves me too and i accept wat ever he comes with as long as there is honesty in every word said…. they are way less expressive than a piscis and i know this so now faced with these facts i decided to let him b and just go with it and if he chooses to share illl listen but if not i respect it…..


    After 6 weeks of dating, his friends were giving him a hard time for moving so slowly.  I told him it was ok because I love him just the way he is and I wasn’t looking for a better offer … and after that he opened up pretty quick!  I think he just needed some reassurance that I really liked him and wasn’t going to jump ship.

    My role in the relationship is to make the first move to the next level and then step back and let him run with it. Bulls kinda wait around for the other person to take the risk and then you can’t push them into anything.  It’s like I take the first step into something new and then quietly wait to see if he’s going to follow me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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