Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

Who will start the relationship? Virgo or Taurus?

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    Who will start the relationship? I saw my Virgo at  a party last night, we both were watching / observing each other with none of us made a move…. This is going on for years now, sometimes we have a chitchat but never more than this. 

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    Im a taurus 4/28 and my virgo is 9/13. I started the rs and ended the rs. He had an unfaithul heart that had confused feelings for a gemini. 🙁 but i still have feelings and love him very much. we seem to understand each other a lot and have a lot in common. we still communicate after breakup, but im thinking of cutting off ties after my eyes are attracted to a scorpio. <3

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    My birthday is 4/28 also but my fiance’s is 9/3. i thought that was kinda cool that we share the same birthday 🙂

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    Well if you’re anything like my Taurus and I it’s going to take some time.  We met 7 years ago and we knew it was special from the start.  Being a Virgo I new he was great but needed a lot of work to fit my needs.  So, I kept him close as a friend and when he finally grew up I was able to spill the beans that I had feelings for him for years.  As soon as we both were ready it was only 8 months before we were married.  We’ve been married two and a half months now and it’s amazing.  He’s my protector and I’m his motivation.  We sure make a good team.  We could have got this relationship on the road many years ago if we knew what we really had but it’s better late than never.  I wish you both all the luck in the world!

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