I am a taurus woman dating a cancer man pls help me understand him

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    We have been together 4 years weve had alot of dishonesty in tht time I feel we have drifted apart but we wont let go for some reason i need to better understand him. Recently i have discovered he has been getting to know a female cancer woman but she is in a relationship n still seeking to break havic on my relationship pls help me 


    I would say communicate as much as possible.  Show the true you and be honest about everything, no holding back. Ask questions without being demanding& irritating.If things arent going in your favor try to figure out if you to could remain friends pray on it and wait for some time- not a life time. Hope this helps coming from a cancer. If some one can show me be true to me give me time and respect ill start to see the bigger picture if there was ever one there to begin with good luck and god bless!


    First Im a taurus woman a cancer is said to be my match mate in heaven but a few months ago … everything went down hill.  My ex was easily influenced by others. HE  believed everyone who spoke to him. he put his trust into ppl he didn’t even know. I hated him for that. he cheated on me with another female. and i don’t know her sign but honestly I really don’t care. but i can tell you that i’ve moved on to a leo man. and everything is great.

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    Why do people cheat? A fundemental lack of trust in their own ability and knowledge. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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