Signs of Taurus friend in love?

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    We have been friends for over 20 years and have both recently come out of failed marriages. 

    These are all the things he has done in the last 4 months that make me wonder if he has feelings for me or is he just being nice? 

    When we were arranging to catch up in December he said that if I left the arranging to him it would involve a hotel room and a bottle of champagne. He was true to his word and booked the most expensive hotel in town and bought expensive champagne. We spent the afternoon in deep conversation before having the most passionate night of my life. 

    Since then he has kept in touch, calling me when I know he is super busy with work, texting me, calling me at 1am after work when he knew I wanted to talk, paying for hotel when i flew down to visit him, payed for all our coffees, wines and meals when we went out, took me to the movies, bought me a guitar because he knew I was passionate about playing but couldn’t afford to buy my own. He sent me his favourite CD and keeps telling me to check out various bands that he likes. He rang on friday just to tell me how much he values me and that he loves what we have but said we don’t need to define whatever it is. (Hmmmm) I asked him if he would consider going away with me on holidays and he said sure.

    Are we just Friends with Beneifits? He knows I have been in love with him for 20 years and got married for all the wrong reasons. He said he is worried about ruining our friendship by doing the relationship thing but if that is the case why is ok to do the rest?

    Please help as I don’t know what to think. I love him so much. I don’t want to read into his behaviour too much. I wondered if you could shed some light on if this is characteristically a Taurus thing and why he is like this? 

    Advice please???



    A Taurus will not admit to you that he wants anything serious until he’s absolutely sure and even then might never outright say it…he’ll show it through actions. As for the way he is acting, it sounds like he is into you for sure. He’s dropping money on you and making time to speak to you … Taureans are materialistic but generous and for him to spend money on you that he values (although materialistic and luxury-loving, he can be frugal), that shows he cares about you and wants to impress you but not necessarily in a boastful way…just wants to make sure you’re comfortable and feel like a queen.  If a Taurus is only using you for sex, he won’t make any extra effort to seduce you than what is required and probably wouldn’t bother texting or calling when he’s otherwise busy. And definitely wouldn’t spend a lot of money on you (unless he’s the flashy type and I’ve never met a flashy Taurus since they’re pretty down to Earth and expect the same of partners). If you’re serious about him and want it to go further though, it is best not to say anything about it or push the issue. Just continue giving him your attention and show him you’re loyal but don’t overdo it or you’ll scare him off. It’s basically up to the Taurus to decide where the relationship is headed and it can take awhile as they’re super patient and stubborn, always making sure they’re making the right decision before taking it to the next level.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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