I’m a Cappy girl and I’ve been casually “seeing” a Taurus guy since the beginning of March this year. I love him to bits – it’s like I’ve found my soul mate! He’s definitely spoiled me for other guys. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it seems he’s a little slower in making up his mind about me… I guess that’s a typical Taurean trait?

We started having sex almost from the start (it’s difficult to keep our hands off each other), but about a week ago he suddenly tells me he wants to stop the sexual contact and instead be friends only.

He’s been good to his word and been the perfect gentleman. He spent his entire birthday weekend with me (he said I was the only one he wanted to spend his birth day with) and it was sweet and old fashioned with no sexual expectations, but he was still quite affectionate and held my hand everywhere we walked, touched and caressed me and gave me sweet affectionate kisses on the cheek.

So why the sudden decision to stop the love-making – we both loved it – it was the best ever!? I do like the new arrangement, but I also miss the hot passionate love-making. I know for a fact he isn’t seeing anyone else and he’s making sure to stay in contact with me every day although it’s on a more platonic level.

Is he into me and just wants to see if there’s a potential for something deeper here than just the sex? I’m confused… but still really happy that he has not disappeared from my life. Just never faced a situation like this before…