Okay, I’m a Taurus. Recently met the man of my dreams (literally- been crushing on him forever). We had an instant easy connection, and ended up sleeping together. He asked for my phone number (which I willingly gave him), but its been over a week and I have yet to hear from him.
He does live a very hectic life due to his job, and he is in the process of moving back home to LA for a while & then possibly uprooted again if the new job is picked up..
As a Taurus I know that this is naturally a tough time for him & he told me how he felt uneasy about the transition. I know that Tauruses are slow to move & make decisions, but I’m worried that I blew it by being intimate so soon. (We were in bed together about 2 hours after we met!)
We are both very sensual & sexual people- but most guys would be done after this. (He did seem like this was not the case with him when we talked the next day, but still…) We both discussed how surreal the whole thing was, and the weekend ended on a good note; but I’m freaking out.
I have no way to contact him except thru our mutual friend (who has also made it clear that he is interested in me), so I feel completely stuck. I am also worried that since he knows that I have common interests with his friend (we are from the same town) that I may be interested in him (he’s got a reputation of being a ladies man) instead- which is not the case. What do I do? Do I make an effort to reach him again thru our friend?
I am worried that doing this might also push our friend away; which would potentially ruin everything-
but I’m going crazy sitting & waiting.. What are my chances of hearing from him again?