How to attract a Virgo?

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    omg!! yes! respect and devotion(loyality) r my 1st priorities! make sure u never hurt a virgo’s pride or forgiveness will be just a faraway dream!with all of the above suggestions……plus.. u can approach a virgo by talking in sublte topics and being logical at d same tym, with a gud sense of humor and showing that u care abt him/her but not to an extent that will scare them away….just a little hint wud do hehe…a virgo will  notice and appreciate that, gud luck 🙂


    We are kings in our own right. Our love and devotion are indeed priority #1. And we hold honor up high. So when we have deadlines and due dates, we will work to meet them. 2 goals u have to achieve to catch a virgo man. 1.) you will have to be blunt about your feeling and intentions, because he will never upfront and come out and say what he feels first. Just not in our nature. A slim chance of that happening if you’ve known one another for years (And even then…).

    Secondly, you will have to practically identify what makes you two compatable… Likes, dislikes, interests, INCOME (trust me thats important lol) and lifetime goals. And if u dont know these things about him yet. Ya better learn.


    V King


    Thank you all so much for the answers. It really helped a lot!

    Sakura :I don’t know if I hurt his pride. I was angry at him ones but we had a good talk and I demanded a hug afterwards. That was before I knew it was a Virgo (I just know since last year) Normally Virgo’s don’t hug / kiss. Since I’m the Taurus, I needed a hug after the fight.Normally I’m not a touchy/feely person at all just with the people I like I have to touch.

    Speaking of , I gave him a kiss once on the cheek at a fair for being so kind to me. He kinda jumped away. That was also before I knew he was a Virgo. Since I know I’ve studied a lot about Virgo’s … I hope I didn’t made to many errors and we will still have a change.

    V-King: ‘kings in our own right’. Would that also be like if your family don’t like the girl you fancy you would still go after her?

    I’ve been blunt, he knows why I like him so much. 

    Rob: you sound like him 🙂 He said ones that his former Cap girlfriend found it hard when he wouldn’t listen, cause he was with his mind at workingmode and how I would feel about that…. And she talked a lot and if I talk a lot too… I’m not, I’m very quiet. That was years ago when he asked me this, I thought he liked that about me, I’m very calm.

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer 😉



    Still thinking every day about how to attract my sweet Virgo 🙂

    Would you please help me again cause I’ve been dealing with some issues about the Virgo I love.

    I think ‘my’ Virgo really likes me but he has 2 sisters (a Virgo and a Cap) who are not nice  to me at all and think they don’t want their brother near me. I haven’t done anything wrong its just that we don’t get along since forever, even before I liked the Virgo. This is not very good.

    I was on a party with friends dancing and Virgo was there too along with his sisters  and friends/family. He didn’t say anything to me but during the 5 hours at the party I have noticed an hugh stare , I felt clearly someone watching me and it was him. He did this a few times. I have seen ones that one of his sisters (the Cap) was kind of angry at him for staring at me and demanded that he would dance with the others. He was not really willing to but did, later on he stared at me again. 

    I know family is very important for him so I wonder would the stares mean that he still cares for me or is it just looking. (I had a very good time and smiled a lot with my friends)

    Before the party I ran into him as he was on his way to the office and we talked a minute. 🙂 As he normally go by car and now by foot I said I was happy to see him walking cause it’s better for his health. I really meant it and I think he could sence that. 

    A lot of times when I say something like that its that he will remind me about that weeks later that he had gave it some thoughts. I think he likes it when I care for him.

    But still not getting anywhere with him…….

    IM not sure why, but a lot of people seem to criticize virgos a lot. I’ve heard they’re aggressive(which is not true with every virgo), clean freaks(slightly true), have a temper problem(not the ones I know, and ignore you when they’re busy—isn’t this true with everyone who has deadlines to meet? I mean of you are serious about your career you will focus. For me though, I’ve found that it’s either a hit or miss with every virgo i’ve met but they’re really sweet. I’ve never had a Virgo bf thought. Not because I cant, the attraction is there I just never thought about doing it. I’ve heard they sex gods too?


    Sex Gods? Now I’m more intrigued. Is this true? Care to elaborate anyone?


    @McPHANNY – completely describes my Virgo gf wth whom I broke up just yesterday:aggressive, temper problem, ignores even when busy wth a minor task..i somehow always find matter how busy i am…but grt an Aries..i guess we can handle a little bit of all the above for the one we love…but i felt, i had v both said each other byee…to add she had a Big Ego problem as well 🙂

    You jst cant win a Aries by fighting (if we choose to)..we can only be won by Love and rational reasoning..atleast my case…and yes Aries man love is very different from others..again may be my case


    I am a leo woman and i’m still attracted to my virgo guy. We’ve been split for a year now and talk sometimes. How will i go about having him look my way more or to communicate more with me, if i’m trying t osee if he’s still interested in gettin back together again?


    I am a leo woman and i’m still attracted to my virgo guy. We’ve been split for a year now and talk sometimes. How will i go about having him look my way more or to communicate more with me, if i’m trying to see if he’s still interested in gettin back together again?


    Were very focused indivduals, to say were agressive to me is like imagining myself being invaded.. like my personal space or property. Whats mine.. is mine, and if you touch my food ill stab you with my fork. true story, i did that once to my best friend for touching my brownies.. so yes, more or less, we wont just be openly agressive without being pushed. but idk about others but if i know im right and your not, expect reticule. 

    And to Leo_T without knowing your relationion ship.. the only thing i can say is show gratitude when he speaks to you, if you appreaciate him he will notice.. and also.. this is a big one.. if he’s willing to do things for you. If you ask for a favour and he says no, then no hes avoiding you. but if he does then he likes you, maybe. 

    You could also be direct, ask him upfront.. but in a way without him feeling in danger of a honest response. 

    Now for as sex gods.. we serve to please. and it only gets better when we figure you out. ;p 



    the key word to attracting any virgo is  to be subtle. be subtle in everything that you do. we are introverts. and we like to keep things low. we like it when another person shows affection by subtle means. we hate anything that is overdone. you can rarely please a virgo with gifts and mush. we don’t fall for money or extravagance or any kind of flashy things in general.the more subtle you get, the more we fall head over heels.

    secondly, do not ever criticise us in a harsh way. we, are the people, who we think, have the monopoly rights in criticism. we believe only we have the ability to criticise. instead of being in-your-face, make us see the point and the logic behind it. trust me, a little patience can go a long way if you are with a virgo.

    thirdly remember we are practical. very practical. and grounded. we generally do not have the ability to fly in fantasy. and we like people who are practical too.

    another thing about virgos is that we often prefer people with similar interests. since we are introverts, we are not good at ‘building’ bridges. we prefer rivers where the bridge is already built.

    last but not the least, remember, a virgo will always take time to respond to your emotions. that does not mean she/he doesn’t feel anything. we just like to put up a facade of coldness. it keeps us safe. because virgos are extremely vulnerable too. we take a lot of time to show our attachment. but once we get attached to something, we generally remain loyal to it.

    but, it does not matter whar sunsign is the person actually. if you are honest with yourself and him/her, and if you are a good human being, the other person will definitely fall for you. or else it is not worth it as they do not respond to genuine emotions. and this rule applies for everyone, no matter what sun sign you are.


    Hoho Alliedsouls & abee.19, both of u just make me love him more but the darn thing is that, he doesn’t know & I don’t think I’ll ever have a chance to tell or show him. Made a mistake with him him once cos I made a critical comment about him but to him & it was actually just me thinking out loud. I apologised to him few no in fact twice but he kept silent from then on.

    This is just gonna sound very silly cos in fact nothing was spoken. Everything was thru sms for crying out loud!! I’m a Sagi btw 🙂 Outspoken yes. Love nature, music, travelling reading, dancing & oh yeah him too 🙂 When we were together enough chemistry to light up anything you know what I mean. Above all i feel i can make him happy cos he was so relaxed around me. He just doesn’t know thr’s smone out here who’s just crazy abt him. I don’t know if our paths will ever cross again 🙁


    @AlliedSouls: thanks. I feel like we’re speaking a bit more now but things are slow but its progressing i hope. I just want to build a stronger friendship again and relationship cause i see there’s still some interest there with him.

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