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    Recently, I answered a question regarding a potential individual they were interested in. The situation and the person I will not mention because of their right to privacy, but it is regarding seeing an individual who is potentially dangerous or threatening to our well-being and safety.

    I am creating this topic because of my concern for other people and because I was a victim of domestic violence. I understand this forum deals with spirituality and astrology but it is a topic that needs to be addressed.

    Understanding an abusive individual and their manipulations and signs to watch for are imperative so you can protect youself from harm. The charm they exhibit can be blinding to the point that it is hard to understand that these individuals are dangerous because this is the image they want to protray. People who are abusive often suffer from personality disorders, like NPD, ASPD, BPD and also may suffer from a mental illness that is not being treated.

    Abuse is not just physical abuse. Abuse can be; emotional, psychological, verbal, sexual, spiritual and financial abuse. Many abusive individuals can be controlling and have jealousy and possessive issues because of their insecurities and low-self esteems. Many will hurl insults at you, call you names, like your stupid, your ugly, your a whore etc… They may have aggressive or verbal outbursts that are childlike or just downright scary. They may control what they want you to wear, to how you look, to they don’t like your belief systems and make snide remarks about your body or appearance. They may compare you to other men or women.

    If family members and friends feel uncomfortable around this individual and are genuinely concerned for your safety you should listen to what they have to say. Often when with these indivuals they protray their best behavior around you and manipulate you so that it is hard to believe what others are trying to tell you or warn you about them.

    Abusive indivuals can spot someone who is very weak emotionally because you are easy to manipulate and know you probably won’t leave them.

    I really hope that anyone reading this, if you are in this kind of situation or in a relationship with someone like this, that you get to safety. There are shelters for women and Victim Advocacy programs to help you. It is hard to leave individuals like this because they make it hard by manipulations and threats. Take your power back and show these individuals that you will not tolerate the way you are being treated.

    Do not jump from relationship to another one. Take time to heal and get to redsicover yourself and what you want in a relationship. Take to a counsellor that deals with domestic abuse so they can help you and empower you with the tools you need to be a strong woman or man so this will never happen again.

    I really hope that anyone reading this will take in what I am saying. It is a plea for your safety and that you are not alone.


    Blessings to you all!


    Hellooo dear 😉 Sorry late reply 4 my last forum. Been quite busy. I’m looking through the latest ones & I thght of just speaking 2u here. Im so sorry to learn abt ur cousin. I can’t imagine losing some1 close like that gdness i don’t even want to. My mum passed away when i was nine. That was bad enough even if she wasn’t taken away unexpectedly.

    Gabriella I’ve seen ur profile. Aawww u love cats too.. I just absolutely love them but it’s very sad I can’t take care of one now. There are many things I can’t mention right now but one of the important reasons i can’t hv any pets is truly 4 their own safety. In fact i had 2 cats but i had to let them go & till tdy I simply can’t hv closure for losing esp when i just don’t know where 1of them has gone to !! And he’s the closest one to me. I love him so much & his name is Ahuk.. I pray every single day 4 his safety & health. Same 4 my boys & esp 4 all cats & animals.

    Which brings me to this forum u created. Yes this site is mainly for spirituality and astrology . Understand ur concern for anyone who’s facing any sort of abuse & hurt. I know too darn well 4 this kind of treatment. Honestly i think ppl will do anything to find some sort of comfort or find any kind of answers to make sense the HELL they hv to go thru in their lives.

    Oracle if ur reading this, excuse us for taking ur space but what u’ve done is reach to some of us in more ways than u can imagine. Ppl r opening up & beginning to talk. While nobody listens or bothers in their real ives, here we can read, undrstn & try to help each othr. So personally, I thank ALL of you 🙂

    Gabriella, needless to say I love you & what ur trying to do 🙂 Thks very much 4 ur advice. Yes I think it’s very wise not 4 me to jump into any relationship too soon. What am i rushing 4 anywy?.. hahaha

    Oracle ur definately rite too. Remember what u asked me? Ur words were.. ” You just want this person in your life to fulfill your needs and take care of you but what about happiness? love? celebration? ” Yup.. & this guy just disappeared & don’t even hv d courtesy to reply my sms. Now i’m just dissappointed with his response. But i know eventually i will forgive him & i still wish him d best in life.

    Now i’m just celebrating even 4 simple things in life. I love my boys & i try to 2 make myslf happy. One of d ways is of cos visiting ur site hehe..

    Gabriella, so not easy 4 me. Like u said, can be horryfying sometimes. Let’s keep each other strong ok if it’s not so much to ask huhu.. kidding always appreciate u & others 😉 Send my love to ur cat ok & take care… c ya 🙂


    I’m very sorry to hear of the passing of your mother at such a young age. No matter how someone close and important to us passes, it’s still devastating and a loss. Yes, when someone is puposefully taken by their own hands or so suddenly is a shock to the system and so many unanswered questions that don’t ever get answered, I still have God to rely on for my strength and know that everything will be ok and turn out the way it should.

    I absolutely love animals, especially cats. Animals have strong intuitive power and have the gift to heal us when we are emotionally not feeling well. My prayers will be sent out to your cats, especially for Ahuk. I will be praying earnestly for you and your children. Your safety and well-being is very important. If there is anytime you reach the point where you would like to talk, feel free to send me a private message. The greatest help does come from God and help from the angels.

    I really believe it is so important that human beings help each other and reach out to those who need help. Nobody should every walk alone in life.

    I’m happy to hear that you aren’t rushing things. Just taking your time and enjoying the simple things of life and your children can make life so much more worthwhile. I really believe in being with a “soulmate”. It’s no something we rush out to find. It just happens. Kinda like your walking down the street and some supremely wonderful guy is in a hurry and runs into you. Yu look up at him and it’s like you met him somewhere before, yet you haven’t. You start talking with him and it’s like you’ve known each other all your lives, but you’ve just met. That’s what I’m waiting for. If I have to wait till I’m 90 years old, I’ll wait, because it is worth it.

    Forgiveness is important and wishing him the best, but sometimes forgiveness is something that takes time. Especially if it something someone did that was horrible to us. Some people have this gift to be able to forgive no matter what, but that’s them, everyone is different. When you come to the place when you have healed and are able to forgive and move on than you will know when it is time to do that.

    Awwwww, that positively lovely! I love you too. I’m kinda affectionate because I do know that deep down people need love and understanding as much as I do. I will give my baby (my cat) a hello from you! She loves the attention.

    I hope the oracle will forgive and understand what I am trying to do. I’m just trying to help people and inform them and get people talking, especially if they are in this situation and they don’t know where to turn and don’t feel safe or what to do or what their options are.

    I am definately here for you and what you are asking for is not alot to ask. If others would just see that every person out in society are brothers and sisters, it makes it that much easier to extend a helping hand to our fellow man and to do what we can to help.

    Be safe hun, many blessings to you and your children and ask the angels to protect your family!

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