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Did I do the right thing?

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    This is my first post here. I woul be grateful for any thoughts/opinions/advice. 


    I am a 32 yr old Pisces woman. Recently I broke up with a 32 year old Gemini man. He had ambitions to travel and change career, whereas I am looking for stability and long term commitment. We had agreed to take things one day at a time but I made the sudden decision to end it because I sensed that he was pulling back from me and I found it difficult to deal with the uncertainty. He contacted me by text after the breakup but I have ignored the communication. I am very fearful of rejection, and I guess I felt it would be better to end it than wait for him to hurt me. But I do have very strong feelings for him and I miss him. 


    Have I done the right thing? 


    Thanks in advance.  x

    Ask Oracle

    It has already happened in the past. Why the conflict? Why is there a need for affirmation, you can’t do much about it now.

    You two had different goals and ambitions in life, so you two parted away, that’s okay, that’s human, but friendship can continue. It is really not about rejection but respect for self and each other’s choices in life.

    Unfortunately fear colors our mode of thinking, and you had to walk away like that. 🙁

    Consider this situation, just an example, the same gemini man catches some health problem and thus decides not to roam around unnecessarily and sticks to a stable high paying career. Would you still decide to leave him?

    To be honest, from the very beginning you probably never had strong faith in this relationship. Faith is there when fear is not.

    Fear is like that only, it gives us a false sense of security but never gives us the real thing — LOVE.

    Now since its over, learn to move on and keep fear in check.

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    Hello and thanks to both of you for replying.

    Of course I realise that fear played a part in my decision, which is why I have been unsure as to whether or not I did the right thing. I can’t say for sure whether fear alone motivated me or whether it was a gut instinct. The man has been in touch to say that he feels this is for the best because he’s not ready for a committed relationship. That would suggest that my instinct was right, although I suppose there is a chance he is just saying that to save face. I guess I’ll never know.

    Thanks again. x

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