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distance relationship with a scorpio you’ve never met.

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    Can a distance relationship work with a scorpio you’ve never met.
    I met this scorpio guy, through a friend of mine, and the crazy thing is I’ve know him for 5months now and I’m completely in love with him, although I’ve never seen him, I still feel something for me but I don’t know if he feels the same way, because he is always off and on, on day he would be so sweet and another day he is so different. Pls help me out? What should I do?


    By the way I’m a capricorn girl. 🙁

     Ask Oracle 

    Well he does feels something for you, and on and off reaction is in response to your own confused state of mind. But this not what I want to discuss in detail with you.

    The thing with human relationships is that we are supposed to touch, feel, see, smell and even taste the person we are in relationship with and that too as much as possible. And when this happens the relationship take a very different dimension, a different level and feelings. Plenty of eye contant and other non-verbal communcation is absolutely necessarry. And I am not sure if this is something that’s possible in distance relationship.

    I would suggest be a great friend first and enter into relationship when you could see eachother everyday.


    Okay!thank you so much! But I had a disagreement with him somedays ago and I honestly want to
    talk to him again but I don’t want to seem weak, we disagree, once in a while, even though we don’t see each other, LOL, very strange… But I get abit jealous when he tells me his with other girls, but I always hide my jealousy to the last. And its been 7days now since I spoke to him, I use to check up on him all the time and I don’t know if I’m bothering him, I don’t know if I should stop, I don’t know how to start talking to him again, I don’t love easily or more of ‘I don’t fall in love easily’ I’m not really social, I’m kind of an introvert, so when I get to love someone I get attached completely, and its just so annoying when I’m treated like I’m disturbing. I just don’t know what to do really confused? I’ve just been in one relationship and I hated it so much. Pls tell me how to go about this thank you.


    One more thing you said his off and on behaviour is due to my confused. State of mind, LOL, now I’m confused? I don’t understand what you mean, pls explain to me. Thank you.

     Ask Oracle 

    Asking for forgiveness is simply a sign of strength and taking responsibility for your actions. Actually its not really ASKING it but accepting what you feel is truth and expressing it to the other person.

    There is no need at all to hide your jealousy, its really a part of you and if you can accept it, it will go away soon. Again feel free to express your jealosy. Love is all about expressing and let go.

    Being introvert and unable to mix with people is something that you need to pay attention to. You are being judgmental, thinking and there is no need. YOU are a beautiful person and start living life that way. Why there is so much internal conflict?

    Yes his on and off behavior is really because you are trying to “control” things and sending mixed signals. Once you are sure that you are loving and able to share yourself and express yourself fully to him his strange behavior will disappear. Totally gone and at that point relationship will take a new dimension.

    I suggest that you see the Solutions section and try a few things to bring more clarity and love in your life.


    Okay thank you!!! So much….

     User Deleted 

    And as a Scorpio male, I’ll put my two cents in. 1) he more than likely knows how you feel about him. We’re really good at the whole intuition game. 2) His off and on is also probably due to you trying to control situations with him.


    I honestly don’t understand when you say I try to control situations how I’m I controling?


    I honestly don’t understand when you say I try to control situations how I’m I controlling?

     User Deleted 

    Checking up/in on someone is controlling. Also, hiding your feelings is somewhat controlling too. When you say you hide your jealousy you’re trying to control not just yourself but him as well. Plus, again being a scorpio myself, he’s going to sense that you’re hiding something which puts him on the defensive. The last thing us Scorpio’s want to do is open up to the wrong person. So when we sense someone is hiding something we act cold and aloof.

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