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Gemeni W. Aquarius M. Friends or more?

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    I’ve known this guy for about a half year and we are super close. He’s aquarius and I’m a gemeni. We have a friend in common who more or less introduced us and we started talking via social medias and phone before we actually met a month later. When we were talking we never talked about anything more than being friends but I ended up kissing him while being drunk and him being sober. We kissed and became more than friends and we were like this for about a month or two. We never had sex and we both were virgins but we came to third base the day before he dumped me, saying that he just wants to be friends. I got mad but I ignored my feelings and continues being just his friend. 

    So about two months ago I lost my virginity to one of his friends instead and I didn’t tell him because it felt like I was just trying to make him jealous. A week after that me and him went on a date together because he wanted to give me another chance (he told me a month later) and the day after he found out about me and his friend having sex which made him very mad so he stopped talking to me for three weeks but he was planning on never talking to me again. He told me it was wrong of me having sex with his friend and still showing affection to him.

    We started talking again and a week ago we hung out together with two of my female friends. He was cuddling up against me and hugged me and he was very close to my face, which I ignored and I kept my distance from him because I didn’t want it to end like it did before. At the end of the day we played truth or dare and he kept asking me about what me and his friend did together in bed or what his penis size is and so on. The day after I asked him why he was so curious and he told me he just wanted to know. 

     Yesterday I hung out with him again but this time alone and we watched a horror movie and I knew that he wanted something more  than friendship because he joked about kissing me and he had his hands all over me as we watched the movie. Then we gave each other a massage and I avoided having his face near me, but he still tried to kiss me and I denied him saying, “You don’t really want to, stop forcing yourself”

    He got a bit shocked so we just layed there in his bed stroking each other’s backs. But after five minutes of thinking it through I gave up and made him kiss me. So it all ended up with him loosing his virginity to me.


    So what my problem is: what are we?

    Was he just using me because he knew that he could have sex with me and still be my friend because his friend did or is there something more?

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