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    I’m a scorpio girl and have been seeing a leo man alittle older than me. He definitely is a natural dominant and takes pride in that which I adore, and I’m very submissive, which is what brought about our meeting each other. I’m having a hard time understanding his way of us getting to know each other though.  He wanted me to meet his son after 2 weeks, and has mentioned early on that I will meet his family, but we dont see each other very often at all and this is new for me. He has trust in me like I’ve never experienced with anyone, and he did say he will tell me anytime theres a problem.  He seems to be comfortable with the couple weeks in between, but its hard for me to understand how he feels about me still when I havent gotten to see him lately.  I just need help understanding how a Leo thinks during this period, any advice?  

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