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I am confused. Am I being used by a Capricorn man?

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    Hello all,

       I’ve been dating this capricorn man for almost 2 years. We worked together, but we remained professional and partners separately. Meaning… no one knows we are dating. I have never met his families and met only 1 of his friend who he claims that he feels bad for him because he have no friends and know him all his life. Our intimacy are very strong… but honestly… I do think he have either another girlfriend/wife/someone else. There are alot of clues and hints that have shown me in his house… but maybe I am too naive to accept that fact. Usually holidays… he is busy with his families so I don’t get to see him. He doesn’t seems like he really care about me much… but he says he truly do loves me because as he says; I always get him so mad/do things that normally he would not tolerate/broke his trusts and yet, he is still with me and still tolerate me. That’s why he knows he loves me. This man seems very cold, selfish, gets what he wants all the time… that’s his ways and traits of life. I understand that a cappy and an aquarius’s personailties are really different. We really do view/value things differently way of life. I do see the pros of him.. he is smart, charming, stable, responsible, and motivated. He is a nice guy and have a good heart.. but I don’t know which in my case… maybe just to me… he is really truly loves me? Our communications really sucks…. and even if I really opened up to him… I really don’t get much in response. I usually go see him during weeknights… and I have to be a good girl to pleases him/serves him. I have so caught him in lies…. and that the fact he hated it so much because I am right and he can’t admit to that fact but calls me a stalker. I understand that snooping is not the right thing to do… but if he really wants to share his life with me like he said…. wouldn’t he should give me in return a sense of security or stability? He likes his privacy and likes to keep it separate, but in my mind… he just have something to hide. Yes,,, indeed to me… I felt being used, betrayed, played, and didn’t get much in return. I stated all these and I know it. I am a type of girl who doesn’t like to give up easily in the name of love…. and I think I am putting myself in denial….. I feel very devasted… I can’t leave this cappy man…. is there advises or another side of story that I am not seeing? Please help. I am tormented with my feelings and during our whole relationship… it feels like a roller coaster rides and never stops. I really want peace. Thanks for reading.

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