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im soo confused

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    there”s this guy i like..i think he’s a taurus.  for ur info he and i ARE complete strangers!! soo we don’t know each other however i feel so attracted to him for some reason and i think he’s also a bit interested in me too.cuz a few days back,after classes i wanted to buy some pens in the book store  and apparently the guy i like was also planning to visit the book shop .he was waiting outside with his back turned.i boldly walked towards the entrance without making eye contact.when im inside i felt like he was looking at me from outside.i thought i imagine it but when i was about to leave (the door is transparent) i saw him running pass the door before i could open i just want to know why he stayed outside looking at me and ran away when i wanted to leave.does he like me or something?(btw he’s a taurus,im a scorpio)thanks!

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