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Libra in Love ?

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    I like this guy his a gemeni and I was attracted since the first time I laid eyes on him. I am a libra. He is 24 and im 19 I take my relationships very seriously thats why i think im single anyways I like this gemeni guy but I try not to be to forward because im afraid to scare him away or he his going to think im a stalker by talking to him to frequently. I want to get to him like have a actual conversation in person and hang out and go to parties and music festivals but im afraid and yeah i dont know what to do. what if he wont like me or find me attractive what if his standards are very high i dont know help anyone? what do i have to do for him to notice me since I know how to make the first mov e but in a very friendly way not wantiing to be creepy ha

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