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    I am in a relationship, have been for over a year now, and we had a rather hard falling out at Christmas time (2011), after which we gave each other time and space to come back to each other, and we have. I never for a moment stopped loving him or missing him in that time, and I believe he would say the same. So it is almost March, we are slowly rebuilding our trust and it is good. I would like to know if I am more ready to move forward than he is, or if his heart is fully committed to moving forward and building an even stronger relationship as mine is. If not, would it benefit me to give him more time, or to assume the delay in recommitting is because it isn’t really what he wants and should I let him go because it is undoubtably what I want. Thank you, Wendy

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    Also, I was born Aug 6, he was born May 24

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    If you truly believe that, you must not stop for anything… just know that relationship is in full swing and enjoy it to the fullest. Say him things that you would have said if relationship was in its prime time, do things that you always wanted to do.

    What you do now is a direct indication of what really exists in the present moment. I mean if you say, this needs some more time then its clear that love doesn’t exists in present moment. But if you say, wow this relationship is so great, simply indicates Love really is!

    Also its very important for you to relax more and more, and when I say relax, I mean deep relaxation without any single thought or worry. This is important for several reasons, a) it will give him his time, b) your state of happiness will rise tremendously, this will attract him to you.

    So yeah, enjoy and relax, and things will work out to your benefit 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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