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    I met a taurus man way back  1998 but never talked to each other for a year. On April 1999, we got separated and didn’t have any communication until May 1, 2011 came. It was his birthday and he started courting me. We became couple last May 6, 2011. We started out strong even we have a long distance relationship. he even proposed to me for about four times. My birth date is August 27, 1987. He split up with me the end last January 3, 2012 because he said it’s too hard for us to work things out “now” because of the distance we have from each other. I told him I don’t want to let him go but he still insisted it and says that it’s for us not to be hurt. Will I win him back? Will I win him back as my soulmate/life partner? Thank you & peace be with you!

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    Long distance relationships do not work always and in fact thats not even an objective of any relationship. Relationships only work well when there is a close connection with that person and you see them often and accept them fully the way they are.

    Its not about letting him go but your own happiness and needs. See a person who is far away might not be able to help with your day to day needs and the entire romantic picture just fizzles out at the face of reality. Think about it.

    No you cannot win him but can be friends.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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