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prediction of current relationship

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    I have been in a relationship with an Aries man on and off for 15 years. He is much older than me and wealthy. i have always been the “secret woman” and sometimes i have even felt hidden away from his friends and family. i started to feel like i was good enough for sex but not good enough for anything else. recently i got hurt by his words for the last time and stopped all contact until he had surgery. He kept calling and texting wanting me to come visit so i broke down and did. Everyday that week i brought him food and drinks and spent time talking. On the 3rd day he asked me to drive him to the doctor in his new car, which he has never done before. we spent the day together and it felt so intense but in a good way. we made love and when i left he looked at me in a different way. it was a look of a puppy dog that didn’t want me to leave. About 5 minutes later he sent me a text telling me just how much he truly loved me. i was blown away because once again he had never done that before. he now wants to take me on a weekend trip and see how it goes before making the decision to move forward. i am so scared but yet excited. i am torn because he has hurt me so much in the past. i need advice! please help!


    Facts: for the last 15 years he has known that YOU allow him and gave him permission to: emotoinally manipulate you, not treat you with honor and respect, step on you and disrespect you and stil get carnal pleasure out of you.

    Observation: he’s a powerful business man but he became extremelly vulnerable in the hospital, all of that money could not wash away his pain, loneliness and all the discomfort and the agony he was now experiencing…he now experienced a humbling lesson…NOT TO ABUSE HIS POWER AND TO BE KIND TO PEOPLE…specially the ones that care about him…Like you obviously do.

    Prediction: If he does not propose to you within 6 months of he’s full recoverythen you’ll know he did NOT learn the lesson life intended, furthermore you will see the “guaranteed seal” of a professional abuser stamped on his forehead.

    Advise: if he loves his money more than you…then get rid of that fool.  

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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