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    Hi Oracle

    My Name is Melanie and I have a great career and good balance of my life but my biggest issue is that most guys I date find this intimidating and the relationship goes sour. I am currently interested in a piscesand I am an aries. My Q is will I ever find love?

     Ask Oracle 

    Well, answer is simple — you have to be loving to find love 🙂

    And when I say to be loving doesn’t means buying expensive gifts for someone. Just that you have to really feel great about everything and feel Love within you.

    I will give you a hint — know you are in love when you have less and less thoughts.

    Many people confuse Love with thinking, they say, we’re in love because we are constantly thinking about that one person all the time but that is really clinging, insecurity and not Love.

    most guys I date find this intimidating and the relationship goes sour.

    IMO this happens because you are not feeling great about yourself, and they sense it and run away. Everyone wants a happy and healthy person in their life, and two unhappy people cannot create a happy relationship.

    I suggest that you take a look at our Solutions section and you’ll find stuff you can use to be happy and healthy and attract good great people in your life.

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