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    how to be straight edge?i dont want to be like the monkeys and parasites who marry and run for money

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    care to elaborate? what has been your personal experience that makes you think like that?

    I think you should read Osho’s thoughts on Marriage


    If not wanting 2b a gold digger is what u mean, well just work everything that u want or need on ur own & don’t depend on othrs. Start fm the bottom if u have to.. 🙂


    I’m not sure what “straight edge” means either. Marrying just for money is not a very good reason to marry someone. I absolutely agree with you psychicdom…it would create alot of drama. The marriage partners would constantly argue and fight about money, not to mention the “gold digger” possibly not being faithful to the other. That would be something I would not tolerate very well.

    Take the advice that Ben-Gin has provided. It couldn’t have been said any better!


    Marrying if not for love is very silly and childish. You should never marry for money or riches. In the end when all that money, given that the american dollar’s worth is depreciating, runs out you will be unhappy with a unhappy spouse who eventually will realize that the money is all that matters. Not saying that on the account of you though. I don’t know your situation :). But I do think that you can work things out on your own and if you do end up with someone who wants to lavish you with stuff be sure you are taking it as a gift not as a requirement to be pleased with your self. Simple. 🙂


    That was very well said luna! Wise, rational and logical.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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