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Taurus Woman Intriqued By Pisces Man

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    I have been talking/dating a Pisces man for about two months now and I think he is great, beautiful both inside and out! The problem lies with his inconsistency. I understand the dual sign but he doesn’t (not into astrology) he claims if it wasn’t stated in the scripture(bible) then its really hard for him to believe. I am very spiritual but not religious because their are a lot of contractions in not only the bible but other religious text. But that is neither here nor there. He claims to want to be pure of any substance not created for our growth and could hinder our enrichment (cigarettes, alcohol, weed, even sex before marriage). I’m all for someone having a strong believe system and self control; if its true everyday!! One day he is going to start a fast and rid himself of all these impurities and then the next he is saying ‘lets smoke!’ I am a Taurus and we say what we mean and do what we say! I’m solid and don’t care what people think of me. At the end of everyday I know right from wrong and will make a decision that effects myself and in no way try to influence or make someone else feel belittled because of their choice in lifestyle; especially if just last week I partied with you and indulged in all favors.  It becomes frustrating and now I don’t believe much of what he says because tomorrow he will have thought of a more effective way to handle the situation. I see his potential and he also knows his strengths and has goals set which is such a turn on; to know what he wants out of life and his future. Day to day life experiences and decisions are hard for him to make and I try not simplify everything but my patience may be wearing thin…Any advice???

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