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trapped in the pisces way of thinking

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    ok i am a pisces who has a bad problem. my husaband who is a sag tore our marrige apart by bringing a girl home w him while me and our children was home he done this for about 4 months..would tell me to leave or shut up and deal with it. so i ended up leaving. starting seeing virgo a wonderful guy who cldnt b any better to me and my girls. other than not understanding that i treasure my private time. but my husband has now come bak in the pic saying hes changed. and is treating me great. but all this has been said b4. my virgo is waitinf for me to decide while i am with my husband for my childrens sake. am i crazy? any suggestions from other picses

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    could you pls do abig favor to your self and kickout this jerk out of your life? he got jelious and thats why he came back. he never change . dont forget it he never change so dont loss your luck . go with virgo

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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