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Will I get my Sagittarius man back. ? Am a Pisces woman

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    Hell yea! I am a Pisces girl me and my Sagittarius guy just broke up. We dated for 2years and I mean it was perfect, then out of the blue he cant love me or give me his all. that’s a bunch of crap. it doesn’t make any sense. I admit I ve been too jealous an clingy to him lately.he says he cant give me his all he doesn’t want to be with anyone an he won’t say he doesn’t love me anymore, he just say he can’t do this anymore,he says he is just going to be single. he wants no one else. that doesn’t make any sense. He blocked me on his phone and fb coz I was calling him non stop but he still wants me to meet his family that’s weird. Will I get him back? I miss him any advice from a sag guy?

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