Aries and Virgo Compatibility

He’s an Aries, I’m a Virgo and We’ve Never Met…

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    Yes, it’s true. We’re both poets/writers and found each other on Myspace 6 years ago. I’ve always been so drawn to this man’s energy and not only is this man beyond intelligent, he is also extremely handsome. He’s had me completely magnetized…

    For years, I’ve been an extreme admirer, always yearning to read the next masterpiece he might’ve penned. When, at times, he was absent from the social networking world, I longed for him, missed him and needed him to write. I felt as if his writing was to me as breath is essential to life.

    I knew he had his own life and family at the time as I did as well. But as of two years ago, I left my marriage and just 6 or so, months ago, he left his. We were free… Finally. I’ve always been pretty honest with him in regards to how I felt for him with the only reservation that I was truly in deep “like” with him.

    When one day, he sent me a message on Facebook and asked for my number. It was the most intense phone call I’ve experienced in a very long time! He was finally declaring his feelings for ME! I was beyond ecstatic because the man that was just a mere fantasy to me was finally coming forward to claim me as his!

    There is an intensity I’ve never felt before, even at a distance. And I could only imagine how much more intense it could be when we finally do meet. But there is one HUGGGGE dilemma here though… He lives in Portland, OR and I live in Los Angeles and the oddest thing about our communication is that there is practically none. However, he’s expressed on many occasions that he feels what I feel and that he completely adores and loves me. He’s told me several times via phone and and voicemails how he feels, that we have to find a way to connect and that he would be coming to L.A. to visit but right after, I won’t hear from him for almost a month!!

    The intensity is there because I can feel it from where he is but I don’t understand the pull-away. Why bother if he doesn’t have the intention to pursue me? Or does he?

    My Aries men, can you explain this process? I want to give up sometimes but he pulls me back in by telling me to be patient. I don’t know how long I can hold on though. The intensity is too much to ignore and I have to do something about this sooner than later and he’s forcing me to stay still when that in itself is torture…

    Your thoughts and comments appreciated.


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    id read up on ya’lls compatibility, its usually helps:)


    An Aries man always provides a Virgo woman with the energy and passion she lacks in her individuality. He is a great admirer of intellect and appreciates every aspect of womanhood of her. But at the same time he hates to be guided and dictated. This hurts his ego and his self-superiority leading to clashes in the relationship. He always supports his Virgo woman in her blues and is beside her in all ups and downs. His loyalty and courage is something that drives her crazy and she is ready to be his co-pilot in all his exciting trips which fills in oomph in her life too. She has to just avoid being bossy with him as this is one thing he can never stand. He can sooth away all the fears and worries of her and teach her to be more open and expressive at least with him. He is a jolly mate being with if treated properly and can take her to the skies of her imaginations and expectations with his passionate ways of loving and expressing.

    As the earth and fire combines to make a flowery relationship, they create miracles of empathetic and standing difference with long lasting selfless love. Once they are drenched in purity of love, an Aries male defines love as unselfishness and an awareness of his Virgo woman’s needs and she defines love as spontaneous trust and enthusiasm for his dreams. Both can mend the silver cord that links them together each time it breaks with the magical healing power of their passionate love and strong practicality. After adapting to his attitude towards criticism, the Virgo woman could stop interfering while if needed he can welcome her criticism as a beneficial piece of advice. The peace and happiness of serving is equally distributed in their hearts which such contentment that earth just absorbs the fire so soothingly that even fire forgets to burn… what prevails is a forever warmth which is eternal.

    These two could allow their romance to gradually take the form of a less emotionally demanding and more mutual mental respect. A lot of action and attraction prevails in the physical relationship shared by the Aries man and the Virgo woman. But he needs to give time to his lady to refresh her desires and needs. He is truly and blindly romantic whereas realism rules the head and the heart of the Virgo woman. But one thing that is common in these two is purity of love and oneness, which is displayed through their lovemaking. There is immense passion in their physical relationship as their sexual unity provides the cool earth surface with the heat of fire. He exudes a lot of passion but at the same time he is very affectionate towards her and she really appreciates these small nuances displayed by him. He should understand that she cannot match up to the level of his passion towards the physical relationship because she tends to carry a lot of baggage in her mind, and as a result her degree of devotion towards the physical part of the relationship is a bit less than him.

    Virgos and Aries are on different wavelengths and though Virgos find Aries as exciting people and Aries always admire the intelligence of a Virgo; their relationship has to look forward to take up their differences in proper manner. Though Aries are very innocent and lovable but their ego and aggressiveness always dampen the spirit of a fragile Virgo. And on the other hand Virgos are no doubt very honest and polite people but their criticism and shyness always give a set back to the confident and excited Aries person. But they have a lot to learn from each other. When he starts understanding and respecting her personality, then she opens up and discusses her problems with him. And once he becomes aware that her reason of criticism is just her attitude and nothing personal, he starts taking her advice seriously.

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