Are you jealous that I am an Aries and you’re not?

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    Proud to be an Aries ๐Ÿ˜€

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    r u!


    Proud 2 b an Aries : I hate drama, don’t lie and won’t consider me selfish…i need not do all dat…competent n confident 2 achieve wht i want through hard n smart work..i agree we get angry quick but also forgive quick..n v go miles for d ppl we commit 2..b it lover/frnds or any cause…we are childish at times…but for me it is a source of continuous quest for creativity n keep things interesting/relaxed

    Few say Aries r cheaters…i for one surely no. And if some1 calls giving oneself space to do wht they like eg hobbies/sports/gym etc as selfish..den they certainly lack d essence of freedom. Also in my case if some1 would consider me immature it woul be coz they fail 2 see dat an idea impossible for them is possible for me

    If you lov a person who wants freedom, lov n is open minded..and would giv u d same..i believe aries ain’t a bad option ever ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I amproud to be an aries and i hate lying and drama and all that kind of stuff. We don’t explode like dynamite!!! hahahaaa! I think thats a bit dramatic to say!!!

    We are amazing, aries are the best ๐Ÿ˜‰


    That is a selfish thing to say. And your sign is? Just because you think those Zodiac signs are better you decide to pursue this opinion and inflict conflict… you think Aries are dramatic.. yeesh. In my opinion.aAries is the best. We do have our moments where…. we get ugly. But were probably the most caring people ever. And honestly we can control our selfishness. We also tend not to judge other people by their signs. That speaks melleniums for us. And nothing of you.

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    Honestly Gabriella, that’s just sad. Trying to bring others down. If we’re so immature, dont come on this page, it’s that simple. Gemini may be mature and whatever else you like, but us Aries are admirable! We are brave, confident, and independent! You are terribly rude,and your giving a bad name to all Gemini. 

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    It really depends on the aries personally! Aries do have a tendancy to be childish. For example…my Aries boyfriend will smash things if he gets angry and cannot fix them. My neighbor is an Aries and she screams and swears at people when things don’t go her way. My aunt Marilyn is an Aries and will do anything to receive attention from others. That includes faking illnes or lying or making up little stories about others that aren’t true. My father (who has passed) was an aries was a very good man with excellent work ethics, but, when angry would go into a rage when angry and could get verbally and physically abusive. My neighbor also kicked her 8 year old son because he wouldn’t listen to her, yet she falsely reported another neighbor to the CAS for abuse. She butted heads with a Taurean, that was not pretty and she received everything she deserved! Being exposed as a cruel, lying bitch!

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    100% Aries….loving my 500% Leo man…..



    Ooohhhh Aries vs Gemini…. Hmmm…. Who will winnn? Let me guess… ARIES! 


    Ooohhhh Aries vs Gemini…. Hmmm…. Who will winnn? Let me guess… ARIES! 

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