How would you describe an Aries?

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    do you really think they are impulsive and short tempered.

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    yes im an aries and im both of them..


    I disagree somewhat. I have a mean temper, but a long fuse. In other words it takes a LOT to get me really mad. I do have a tendency to be impulsive, though.


    Aries would reinvent the wheel and learn from their own experiences.
    They are selfish & self centered.
    Short tempered, Impulsive.
    Loves themselves and offers for the sake of returning.
    Keeps quiet when in disagreement but never get along with other people with differences else they would walk out of situation instantaneously.

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    highly sexed, strong character, kind, unforgiving, creative, exciting, spontaneous, fiery

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    Aries possess a Crazy yet a pure and true character!!!
    They are short tempered, impulsive, bossy, immature!!!
    But I guess being immature is cool….It brings a lot of fun in life!!!!
    Aries have a strong personality on the outside but have a very sensitive heart inside!!! This doesn’t mean they are double faced!!!
    But come hail or storm….Aries Rules!!!! 🙂


    Forgiving, selfish, long fused, spontaneous, very giving, very loving, high sex drive, center of attention, young at heart, very macho, bread winners, self centered, very outgoing, demanding, family oriented. Pisces woman married to Aries for 17 years!

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    Ambitious, demanding,self-centered,forthright,genuine,generous,not jelous out of insecurity but bc need to be number 1,loyal,aggresive,adventurous,sexual,passionate…I am

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    Adventurous, Exciting, Impulsive, Get bored easily, immatured, idealistic, passionate, loyal. And Yes i am an Aries 😉


    I am related to a few individuals and individuals I’m aquainted with under the Aries sign. I find them to have a very short fuse, immature, selfish, make very poor decisions…many due to their impulsive natures, busy bodies, liars, extremely selfish.

    But on the up side of things they have a great sense of humor and can be kind. Great conversationalists!


    Short tempered; yes….impulsive; sometimes… but that’s what makes us wonderful….


    The aspects of selfishness,lies,busybody-ness,poor judgmentness;etc…I believe mostly depends on the person also…

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    They can be very insensitive because they don’t really care if what they say hurts anyone or not. They can make anyone fall in love with them quickly. 


    Aries tend to not care because we feel that saving your feelings aren’t good enough..truth hurts but it’s better than getting lied to but someone told me that Ariens can be compulsive liars??

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    I’m an Aries; Yet I am not short tempered nor am I immature.  I suppose I can be at times slightly immature but thats just the child in me.  I’m calm and collected, insightful and analytical.  I am somewhat impulsive seeing how occasionally I’ll drop everything and attend a gathering yet at the same time I’m much too bothered by “adventure”.  

    It is true however that I don’t take other peoples advice well for I believe it is insufficient and/or lacking depth.  As well as I don’t make a very good follower (Sheep) because I tend to ask too many questions. . . . or at least one question repeatedly- “Why”.  I need to know exactly why I am being lead in a certain direction, what the planned or hoped outcome will be and what exactly can be gained.  If I don’t agree to the piece of wisdom given to me I’ll attempt to change the plan or alter their ideal to suit the bigger picture more thoroughly.  Yes, I, as an Arien, love to ramble on.

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