How would you describe an Aries?

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    i am aries i dont like about myself i like about other people and i am caring and impatient, justice i get mad quick and i getinto fights if someone hits me

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    anyone married to Pisces Male born Feb 24 and aries female born april 9th?? he is great and romantic but does it work?


    We are impulsive, only because we want to experience everything that life has put in fron of us.  That’s how we learn (even from our mistakes)  Aries women are not liars – we say what we mean and mean what we say.  That being said we need never apologize for what we say because it’s how we feel.  I as an Aries hate liars.  


    As an aries myself I do think somethings are pretty to the point… I’m not gonna say that I never lie because then that would be a lie… you can’t exactly say that aries are 100% purely honest. I have to say I do strive to be honest most times… but that doesn’t make me a compulsive lier… I do love to ramble, making me very talkative, I love to be surrounded by family and some friends. I can tend to not complete my projects unless they are for a grade… etc basically thought the typical general description for an aries is pretty standard over all.


    Short tempered, impulsive, easily loses interest in things.

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